Meditations, Prayers and Processes

To Ally your Awakening


What is Awaken

Awaken comes from the story of Inkarri. He was the first ‘Child of the Sun’ of the Inka people. He emerged with his feminine counterpart - Q’oylarri - from the depths of Mama Cocha - Lake Titicaca - in the Andes Mountain’s of Peru and Bolivia. The pair represented the dawning of a new age, of an enlightened and awake Heart centred Civilisation. His name means ‘ ‘to Awaken’.

These guided prayers and process are here to assist you as you walk your own Golden Path to Awaken.


How and Why these Guided Processes Will Work for You 


Most of us have forgotten that we are Creators - not victims.

We have become slaves to our sub conscious programmes and lost touch with the intelligence and wisdom of our Hearts.

Every ‘mis behaviour’ that we are trying to change, Every shadow that keeps haunting us, arises from the subconscious mind.

The sub conscious mind makes up 90% of our brain, and we use it 95% of the time!! Whenever we are thinking, the subconscious mind is in charge.That means 95% of the time we are acting from the programmes, habits and patterns we’ve inherited from family and environment (mostly in the first 7 years of our lives) that no longer serve us.

To make lasting change and transformation- we need to find ways to open the trap door to the subconscious mind.

These meditations, guided processes, prayers and invocations have been made with special frequencies called 'binaural beats'. This means they drop you very quickly into a deep brain wave state, called the theta state. In this state it is much easier for us to access old programmes that no longer serve us and re write our self -sabotaging subconscious programmes to create a new reality for ourselves in our lives.

The words are channeled, and are also coded with frequencies of the highest vibration of Light, to help you Remember Who You Really Are, and Anchor the Light THAT YOU ARE into your physical temple (your body and mind) Connecting you to Divinity and to our Mother Earth.

The way to 'hear' the mediations and get the most benefit out of them is to LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES.

If you can give yourself the gift or doing this mediation for 30 days you will be amazed and how things begin to change for you. Even after a few days you will notice a huge difference.


​To change the subconscious patterns we need to change the feeling in our body. We need to teach the body to FEEL differently.

Changing the way we feel, changes our reality - not the other way around.

We need to strengthen the conversation between our Hearts and Mind, creating whats known as Heart Coherence.

When we are in Heart coherence we are vibrating at .1 hertz - the same as the electromagnetic field our of planet.

When we drop intentionally into this vibrational state, the Universe hears our prayers and powerfully responds, putting us in the seat of Creation of our experience.

Once we combine our intentions and dreams with an elevated emotion - such as excitement, joy, love or a feeling of freedom - our body as the subconscious mind - begins to believe that it is experiencing this reality in this present moment.

We need to cultivate these emotions with daily practices of gratitude and expanding our heart with Love. 

This creates a new state of being.

A new state of being creates a new story.

A new story creates a new reality.
Then, we will go beyond healing.

This is Inkarri. Creating new states of being. of 'Awakening' 

So we can live our lives as the Creators of our future that we are, rather than a victims and prisoners to our past that we once were.

Its time for us to wake up, and Remember who we really are. 

Its time for for us to Awaken.

Learn to pray in a way that when you ask the mountains to move - 



A guided meditation to help you remember who you are and why you came.


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Learn how to reprogram your mind and rewrite your story




A guided meditation to create the life you want and deserve.


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"I’m just loving the Highest Version. It’s amazing and I love that it has affirmations and so many wonderful little details infused in it. I can see how much effort went into it and I truly feel the nourishment deep in my core. It’s probably the best meditation I have downloaded. Just so grateful you made it!" - Helen

Remembering/Old Soul Meditation

This meditation takes you on a profound journey of remembering. It will transport you exactly where you need to go to remember that you are so much more than the limited identity your human suit would have you believe. It truly connects you to the depths of your being and each time you listen to it, you can go deeper and deeper. - Amy Mutton

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