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Sacred Mesa Level 2


An advanced programme for Graduates of The Sacred Mesa Level One and Graduates of 
Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship Level One
 Hello gorgeous shining radiant hearts!

Many of you that have graduated from Sacred Chocolate and from the Mesa Initiation with a desire to go deeper into this Lineage and continue your apprenticeship with me.

So, I am excited and honoured to invite you to a stunning level 2 programme called The Sacred Mesa Level Two : The Deepening, to take you on a deeper journey into your Sacred path as Medicine Women and Men in Ceremony and further explore and refine what has been seeded within you already.

The wisdom and practices you’ll receive are for yourself and your healing work within your communities. You will learn how to work more deeply with your Sacred Mesa to support you in your healing work, your Ceremonies and in your life. 

There will be contemplations each week for you to bring into your daily awareness so that you truly embody yourself as the Medicine and your interaction with life as the ultimate Ceremony.   

This is also a powerful way for us to build a solid family, of masterful Light workers so that we can stay anchored, grounded and connected to our purpose, and feel supported during these times of transition. 


OCT 12 - DEC 14 2023

Registrations for this training are now open & will be offered only once per year, exclusively to graduates of our Level One Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship the Art of the Altar: The Sacred Mesa Level 1 Initiation. Find out more about the Mesa Level 1 journey here.


What is included?
  •  10 live and powerful weekly sessions of small group mentorship and training with Jemmita (calls will go for approximately 2 hours) 
  •  In depth Q and A sessions and sharing each call to mentor you in your processes and support you in your life and work.
  • If you miss a call no problems - All calls will be recorded and available for download within 24 hours.
  • A beautiful combination of masterclasses, journeying techniques, in depth Q & A, sharing and support.
  • An entire 10 weeks of deep, juicy Ceremony!
  • Access special discounts for all Anchoring the Light retreats, events and pilgrimages.
  • 20% off our Sacred Chocolate Paititi Chuncho



The training is a 10 week journey with live calls and live Ceremonies each week. The first call will be in October 12th 2023.
Recordings of each call will be accessible if you cannot make the live.

Aside from the live calls, course modules will be unlocked weekly with potent deepening practices, including powerful guided processes, reflections and contemplations, and much more.

Please note this programme is designed to be easily integrated into your daily life. There will not be any strenuous course content for you to keep up with between live sessions, and calls can be attended in your own time and space.



  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Sacred Chakana Mesa 

  • Session 1: Intro to the Ancestral Mesa - Anti Suyu and the portal of the East

  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Sacred Chakana Mesa 

  • Session 2: Qoyllur Suyu and the portal of the South

  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Sacred Chakana Mesa

  • Session 3: Konti Suyu and the portal of the West

  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Sacred Chakana Mesa 

  • Session 4: Chinchay Suyu and the portal of the North

  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Sacred Chakana Mesa 

  • Session 5: The centre of centres - working with our Auki

  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Sacred Chakana Mesa 

  • Session 6: The Centre. 

The Samay Mesa & Yanantin Masintin 
The Ńusta’s - Meeting our  Priestesses of Light 

  • Deepening our Communion of giving and receiving. Awakening the powerful Sacred Feminine Forces to bring the essence of Magic, Power, Wisdom, Healing, Grace, Presence, Beauty, Abundance and Love into our Medicine work and on our Sacred Path.


  lloque and Paña - The Sacred Polarities 

  • Understanding and working with the Divine Masculine polarity of Paña and Sacred  Feminine polarity of Lloque in our Mesa to harmonise the energies in all areas of our life.

  The Hampi Mesa, Our Mesa for Healing

  • Working with our Sacred Mesa for personal, community and collective healing and Soul retrieval.


The White Mesa -The Ancestral Hayawikry or Despacho offering. With Andean Elders Maestro Percy and Maestro Don Sebastian from the Q'eros Nation.

  • In this session we will learn directly from our Andean Maestros about the deeper layers of programming our Despacho for our healing work for ourselves and within our communities.

Closing Circle

  • Together we will come to close our Sacred time together in Ceremony and Celebration. 


  • Each of these sessions are a powerful combination of wisdom teachings, mentoring and Ceremony. You will receive tools, wisdom and rituals to deepen your relationship with your Sacred Mesa and utilise the power of the Mesa in all areas of your life and relationships, for personal growth and collective transformation. 


 The Sacred Mesa Level Two -  Returning to the Ancestral Programme of the Chakana Mesa


If you are ready to journey deeply with lineage and tradition in mentorship you are invited to join us for The Sacred Mesa Level 2.

This includes the 10 sessions deepening with our Sacred Mesa and Shamanic practices, tools and wisdom for you facilitated by myself PLUS the one Session on the White Mesa facilitated by Maestro Percy and Don Sebastion  for only $2,222 USD with payment plans available.

  So my wonderful family - This is your invitation to join me. I’d be honoured to ally you on this Sacred journey.

This is an intimate level two programme for those who feel called and ready to go deep. 

Let the Ceremony continue! 

Hatun Munay, Wiñay Saminchay!

Infinite Love and Eternal Blessings

 Jem xxx


"Step into your light"

This course is really a calling not a course. Your soul is called in, it feels like you are found by the ancestors of this lineage, and I felt so pulled to do this. I loved diving deep into the intelligence of the heart through ancient wisdom. I loved the transformation I went through. I really loved the incredible practices such as the Mesa Initiation and the Despacho offerings were just some of my favourite parts. The constant reminder that Pachamama is the Great Mother, and she will look after you. The Andean lineage is a real privilege to be a part of, its deep, its powerful, humbling and so beautiful.

It's a phenomenal journey, but only for the ones who are absolutely ready to liberate and step into their light with courage.

~ Maia

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If you choose to pay in full, you will receive $200 USD OFF. Please use the code MESA2PAYINFULL at checkout for your special price. 

If you are a Sacred Chocolate Graduate or have completed the Sacred Mesa Level 1 programme, please email us for your link to pay at a special discounted price for the Level 2 programme.
Contact us at [email protected] 

The Sacred Mesa Level Two

1 Payment of USD $2,222
The Sacred Mesa Level Two

3 x monthly payments of USD$751
The Sacred Mesa Level Two

6 x monthly payments of USD$381

"Opening your heart"

"How rare it is to find someone who embodies all of what I feel a Shaman can be in this modern world....What I love so much about Jemma's training is the deep wisdom she shares, she intimately  knows the energies and shares her wisdom freely. Jemmita has a profound way of instantly dropping you into ceremony and her guidance for all of us was full of laughter as well as a natural overview of everybody's process. These three months flew by and I can easily do this whole course again because there are so many golden nuggets! The Maestro's of this lineage of The Seven Rays were weaving in and out throughout the training and always present in my heart. Infinitely and eternal grateful Jemmita...gracias gracias!

~ Celine


Frequently Asked Questions  


Can anyone access this course?
To complete the Level 2 Mesa Programme you do need to have completed the Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship, or the Level One Mesa Programme. 

What if I can't make the live calls? 
The calls will be offered at a variety of times to try and suit different time zones. However, it is not essential for you to be on the live alls. The replay will be available right after the call and you are welcome to watch this at a time that suits you.

How long do I have access to the course materials?
You have lifetime access to the course calls. 

Is there a way to ask questions throughout the course and gain support?
Yes! There will be a private group where we can all interact, ask questions and connect in the online space for the duration of the course. There will also be opportunities on the live alls (time permitted) to ask questions. This is a small and intimate programme where you have direct access to myself and our Team Light mentors.