APRIL 2021 

It is time for us as Women, the Ancient Medicine Carriers and Priestesses of Light, to come together and Remember Who We Really Are.
This will be a deep Inner Journey of Remembering Yourself as the Powerful Priestess that you are. Through specialized processes and modalities, you will learn about your Authentic self and Re Claim your Ancient Wisdom.
We will deep dive into Self Love and Self Care Rituals and Practices. We will Re Wild!! Connecting deeply to Pachamama and our Apu's (Mountain Spirits), liberating ourselves of self defeating beliefs, doubts or limitations. 
You'll learn tools through Ancient Andean Ritual and Ceremony that will deeply connect you with unwavering strength to your Allies. You will reconnect to your own innate Power and bring forward your True Work and Magik to share in the world!
This retreat will be as nourishing as it is transformative, with special care taken to provide a warm and safe environment for you to go deep, at the same time be deeply nurtured and nourished by our incredible team. 
We will be working in Ceremony with Andean Wisdom teachings and Ancestral Medicine in Ancient Sacred Feminine Temples and sites in the Sacred Valley.
You will be guided by Medicine Women (myself included) and occasionally a few of my dear local Medicine Men, my brothers and Maestros, will join us for safety in the Mountains, and for us to know what it is to be held in a container of the Divine Masculine, while we work with our healing Magic, just as Women did in Ancient Times.
Our Ceremonies are completely safe, we are extremely experienced with many years of working deeply and traditionally with this modality, and you are in very loving, gentle hands.

As well as our Master Plant Teacher Ceremonies, you will also receive  -

  • Wisdom Work with Andean Female Elders
  • Shamanic Journeying to deeply connect to your allies and guides
  • Mesa (Sacred medicine bundle) teachings
  • Despacho offering Ceremonies (and learning how to create your own Despacho)
  • Learn the guiding principles of the Andean Cosmovision and how to apply them to life
  • Assemble your own Team of Light to support you in any situation in life
  • Learn how to Reprogramme limiting beliefs and free yourself of fear and limitations
  • Learn how to Manifest the Highest Version of YOU! And the life you would Love.
  • Learn tools for Powerful Sacred Space Holding.
  • Coca Leaf Reading
  • Breath Work Ceremonies (with renowned breath work facilitator – Annabel James)
  • Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremonies
  • Ecstatic Dance sessions (With renowned Bali DJ Sofee Sofree)
  • Andean Sound Healing
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Mandala Making Meditation
  • Self Love Rituals – Medicinal Flower Baths
  • EFT, energy healing and Light therapy
  • Medicine Pouch making
  • Story Telling
  • Daily Meditation and Movement
  • Sacred Tobacco and Sananga Ceremonies for Activating Inner Sight
  • A Special Solstice ‘Priestess of Light Ceremony’ in an Ancient Incan Priestess Temple

and so much more...
As mentioned, there will also be a special Ceremony on the June 21st Solstice – also known as Inti Raymi – the Andean New year – and one of the most powerful and potent days of the Incan Calendar.
We will enjoy Luxury Accommodation will be in the lush warm Valley of Urubumba (based on twin share - single rooms available for a single supplement). All scrumptious Vegetarian meals are included (all dietary requirements taken care of) and transport to and from the airport to the hotel are included (or to your first destination if not our hotel, and from our hotel to the airport.)

Your Investment in this journey is only $3777.00 USD
I invite you to join us, and reclaim your Ancient Power and Wisdom of the Priestess that you are
Infinite Blessings and Love
Jem xxx


Day 1 
2pm Arrival at our accommodation we will have our Welcome Opening Circle with 
Despacho teachings and Offering - The Power of Prayer 

Day 2
Morning Kundalini Yoga,
AM - Teachings on the Andean Cosmovision and Moving Energy - The Importance of Connection to our Allies
PM -  Breath Work ceremony 

Day 3 
Morning yoga
Am - Lineage of Light Cacao Ceremony, and Wake up and Ecstatic dance
Pm - Mesa teachings - Building your Team Light!

Day 4 
Temple and Ceremony Day - Quilla Rumiyoc - The Priestess Temple of the Moon
Evening -  Integration Circle and Medicine Dance for Celebration!

Day 5  
Integration Day
Morning to rest
Massages and Flower Baths
Evening - Andean Sound healing

Day 6 
Morning Kundalini Yoga
Am - Breath Work Ceremony for integration
Pm - Luz Clara Elder -  Wisdom teachings of the Andes

Day 7 
Temple and Ceremony Day - Apu Wakai Wilka Sacred Waters
Today we hike to the subtropical base of the towering Glacial Queen Apu Wakai Wilka (Apu Veronica) who’s name means ‘Sacred Tears’. We will work in Ceremony with Ancestral Medicine and bathe and be blessed in her crystalline waters.
Evening - Sharing Circle and Medicine Dance

Day 8 
Morning to Rest
Morning- Mandala Meditation 
Afternoon-  Medicine Pouch Making 

Day 9 September 9th
Travel day to the High Jungle -  VilkaBamba
Along the way we will visit and make offerings to a powerful waterfall where the ñuesta ‘la sirena’ (mermaid) is said to reside. This powerful feminine force has been attributed to the disappearance of male travellers bewitched by her song.

Day 10 
Temples of Nuesta Hispana. Today we will work with Ancestral Medicine and hike a ring of some of the most important and powerful temple sites in the Andes and the last place that the Inca resided before disappearing completely. The ring will bring us to the ultimate Cosmic Priestess site - Ñuesta hispana

Day 11 
Return to The Sacred Valley
Evening to Rest and prepare for our Solstice Ceremony

Day 12 September 12th
Full Day - Teachings and Coca leaf readings with Mama Irene and Maestro Puma
Evening - Ceremony with Maestro Puma

Day 13 
Morning to rest 
Afternoon for Integration Circle
Evening- Breath work Ceremony 

Day 14 
Lineage of Light Cacao Ceremony, and Wake up and Ecstatic dance
Closing Circle
1pm Depart 

As much as we would love to set plans in stone there is a much higher plan than ours that we call the DIVINE COSMIC PLAN!!! This means that this itinerary is likely to change so please flow with us and trust that no amount of epic - ness will ever be lost. Any changes will only be making it better and more perfectly aligned for your most profoundly beautiful experience!

** We have decided not to visit Machu Picchu in this pilgrimage mainly because it has become overly saturated with tourists and controls, and will take 3 days out of our trip where we can work in powerful temples and receive a much deeper connection to our Ancestral Masters.. It is a monumental temple and definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been before. If you would like to go, we have arranged a side trip beginning on the 24th June, returning to Cusco on the evening 25th June for an additional $500 USD which includes the train, your transport, entry to Machu Picchu, a personal guide and accomodation the night of the 23rd in Aguas Callientes. If you are interested please let us now at the time of booking.


If you'd love to be kept up to date with what's coming up, receive some whispers of wisdom to inspire you on your path and stay connected to our global family then please sign up and join us on our mission together here on our Mother Earth as we come together to Anchor the Light!