Discover Your Ancient Skills of Alchemy & Magic.



I open up a very limited number of spaces to work with me privately at any one time. These beautiful private sessions are always  focused on YOUR needs and we determine from the outset the best way to work together to focus on your goals and reach your desired outcome.

That may be activating your spiritual gifts and healing potential, guidance on your awakening, helping you to step beyond limitations to embrace your highest potential, Sacred Enterprise Business mentoring, Shamanic Healing or Resilient Leadership for coaches and mentors. 

Together, we will be guided by Spirit, your Higher Self and your souls yearning to determine what will serve you in the most profound and powerful way. 

This is not a business coaching mentorship, but is is for business owners and coaches 

This is not a facilitation mentorship, but it is for facilitators and mentors 

This is not to teach you anything about yourself, but it is to help you remember and activate what you already know. 

I will give you the recipe for magic, and you will create your own 

These sessions can be particularly beneficial for anyone that finds themselves in a leadership role. Whether it be in family, career, facilitator, coach, mentor, guide, healer, body worker, artist, performer. Whether you’re a wizard, priestess or stay at home mum. 

These private sessions are designed to bring forth your individual essence and activate your unique gifts.

You will learn how to open your channel, get out of the way and work with your ‘team’.  You’ll  learn to crystalline your body, effortlessly transmute heavy energies and Anchor your light to transform your life and your relationships to those around you. 

You will access powerful technologies, Ancestral codes and lineage, Cosmic wisdom and YOUR Ancient skills of Alchemy and Magic to facilitate pristine and transformational spaces where you won’t lose your energy or feel overwhelmed or out of your depth.

You will feel solid, centred, powerful and full of vitality and freedom. 

We are here to be IN-JOY! And remember our true divine nature as LIMITLESS LOVE. We are not meant to be tired, exhausted or operating out of fear. 

That is part of an old and outdated programme that never belonged to us in the first place. 

YOU are here to be in Sacred Service. That doesn’t mean a role that you play - that means how conscious you are with receiving and directing the flow of energy. 

How resilient you are.

How powerfully you Anchor the Light. 

Then your Service, your ability to manifest, your absolute JOY for life and your vitality goes next level. 

An alchemist, priestess, wizard, sage and elder lives in all of us. 

Let’s seek them out and activate their Powerful gifts. Together.



Please contact us via the form below to register your interest. We will provide you with more information and if you choose to book a private session or ceremony, you will be sent a calendar date to select a time that suits you. 

I only take a very small handful of private clients at any given time, so if you are interested, please do get in touch. 



$444 USD for one session or $1,111 USD for 3 sessions.

If you select 3 sessions, the calls will be fortnightly. 



If you are in the same physical location as me, then we can do this work in person, otherwise it will be done via virtual sessions. Both are equally as powerful, these are not hands-on sessions so we can work together from wherever you are in the world. 



I also offer the opportunity to work with me on a deeper level with a private Ceremony. 

This is a full day of Sacred Ceremony, plus private preparatory calls before the day, and integration calls throughout the week post-Ceremony for integration. 

Please also contact me via the form below for more information, pricing and availability. 

Private Sessions & Private Ceremonies

Please fill out the form below with your full name and email address and we will be in touch with more information. Please leave any relevant notes as to why you would like to book a private session/Ceremony or what your intentions or goals for our time together may be. 


I was born as Jemma, I love Jem and you'll see me as Jemmita because I spend half my year in the Andes in Peru and this is what my Peruvian family call me. I love it because its an affectionate name they have for me and means something like 'sweet Jemma'. And so, it has happily stuck!

For some years now I have been working with the wisdom of Andean Shamanic Path, the Cosmology of the Inca (and pre Inca - lets not forget about those amazing beings!) of Peru. I have gathered extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony both here in Australia and across the world, and I've created a life for myself where I spend many months of the year gypsying the globe between Peru, where I co- facilitate guided groups with my Andean teachers and brothers on Sacred Walks throughout the Andes Mountains, my beloved homeland Australia, Bali, the Uk and Europe. Wherever I am called really!

I feel that Ceremony is a Celebration of Life. That our connection to the Earth, each other and especially to ourselves is missing in our busy modern lives. Through cultivating a reverent and grateful connection to the Universal Beings and Pacha Mama that support us through Ceremony, we in turn become more in alignment with our true nature which is Infinite LOVE, JOY and FREEDOM.

This giving and receiving, what we call 'Ayni' in the Andes is our guiding principal, and brings us to remembering that we are Powerful Beings of Light, Masterful Co Creators. And that when we liberate ourselves from anything that holds us back, we remember that we are Limitless!

This is something many of us have forgotten and so gathering together in Community, Ceremony and Celebration (as our Ancestors did and many First Nations people still do) helps us to 'Wake up' and remember the Truth of who we really are.

Then, we are unstoppable!

I would be honoured for you to join me. Find out more about my online offerings here. You can also enjoy some free gifts including my Awaken Guided Processes and a special Cacao Masterclass.

If you would like to contact me directly, you can email me at [email protected]


Jemmita walks a Sacred Shamanic Path as Medicine Woman, Healer and Ceremonialist offering deep transformational work globally.

Initiated by her Maestros in the Andes and adopted into her lineage in 2012, she is deeply honoured to share the profound Medicine and teachings of the Andes Cosmovision, woven in with well over 20 years of wisdom and experience from walking her own Spiritual path of Awakening.

Her path of service through ‘Anchoring the Light’ is to guide and empower others to remember their own true divine nature, power and innate Magic. Weaving Ancient Ritual and Ceremony with Wisdom for the Path to Awakening - offering tools and modalities to heal, empower, liberate and transform.  

Through her online Ceremonial work and trainings such as the Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship, Jemmita is now able to reach many more of our Global Family, building a much needed sense of community and comradery as we move collectively through this profound time of transformation as one family.

In respectfully and generously sharing her wisdom through Ceremony and Mentorship, her wish is to assist others to become creators of their own reality and transform their own lives, in the way it has profoundly transformed her own.

‘I am deeply committed to assisting our Global Family to Remember the Magnificent Truth of Who they Really are and to empower them as Luminous Leaders. To help activate their gifts and embrace their Sacred Path, in Service to the Light and to our Pachamama.

As nothing goes one way - the beauty is that what I give in my service to others I also receive for myself. We are always learning, always giving, always receiving. There is a Sacred flow, a Cosmic Law that when we truly remember - changes everything. This is the power of Ayni. This is Anchoring the Light’

Let's Connect

If you wish to connect you are welcome to contact me at [email protected]  I do travel the world extensively offerings Ceremonies, workshops, retreats and live events. I also offer one-one-one mentorship and one-on-one private Ceremonies. Please contact me for more information.  

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