Welcome Radiant One! This Ceremony was live-streamed on the recent December Solstice (21/12/21) with over 100 beautiful souls joining from all over the globe.

You now have the opportunity to purchase the recording of the Ceremony which will be equally as powerful and transformational as the live recording was!

No matter when you enjoy this Sacred Journey, the energy will be potent and exactly what you need in the moment.

The Journey goes for around 2 hours and 45 minutes and includes a beautiful Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing and a transformational Breathwork Journey.

It can be enjoyed at any time you feel called to journey deep within to remind yourself of your inherent Light.

Leave feeling blissful, euphoric, connected, inspired, grounded and in deep gratitude for all you have and all you are.

The link for the Ceremony along with your Brewing Guide and other gifts will be immediately emailed to you upon signing up.

Injoy! x

USD$33 includes Lifetime Access to your Online Global Solstice Ceremony and access and all the bonus offerings below.

In-joy Shining Ones!

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✨A Powerful  Online @Sacred_Chocolate Cacao Ceremony & Shamanic Journey 

✨Andean sound healing & Ecstatic Dance 

✨Transformational Breathwork  journey


💫 A Brewing Guide for your Ceremonial Cacao

💫 A Masterclass from Anchoring the Light & mini-guided Ceremony

💫 Lifetime access so you can play it as many times as you like. 


Jemmita has been facilitating transformational Ceremonial spaces for many years, drawing on the wisdom and teachings of her adopted Andean Shamanic lineage of the 7 Rays and the Ancient Cosmology of the Inca Peru, as well as her 20+ years of wisdom, walking a Sacred Path.

Through her Andean lineage, she is a trained Medicine Woman working with Ancestral Healing Plants and has gathered extensive experience facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony across the globe both in person and most recently on line.

She now trains others in these Sacred Modalities too and offers guidance to Light Workers and Luminous Leaders to remember their true purpose, find their gifts and bring forth their own offerings and magic into the world. 


Catalina, Colombian by birth, is a psychologist focused on personal self-discovery and the search of BEING.

Motivated by her own call to evolve and understand what existence is, she has had a 21 year journey through various formations that have been changing and complementing her path, such as art therapy, gestalt, PNL, kundalini Yoga, Registros Akashicos, sound healing. ... specialized in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques such as Rebirthing and meditation.

You are the creator of your reality and by embodying that concept, you can open up to having the life you want to build.

Anthony Pawkarmayta is a Peruvian music producer who is in a constant state of exploration, seeking to expand his vision of the roots and rituals that connect music with spirituality and consciousness. His productions carry, in a dark key, the spirit of distinct worlds that the tradition of his Andean culture offers. His music has been released by labels around the world and his productions published in international blogs and magazines that specialize in new musical trends.

* By joining our Solstice Ceremony we will add you to our Anchoring The Light family & email list