Join us for intimate Ceremony in luxurious surrounds, nestled on the edge of a protected Forrest and joined by leading edge facilitators in breath, dance, yoga and sound. 


Next Ibiza Reset & Rise Retreat: 3rd- 6th June 2023


Beautiful family,  It's time to go Next Level. 

To RESET your Central Nervous System 

through Deep Rest, Ritual, Remembering and Reconnection to pristine Nature.


 Ibiza 4 days, 3 nights Reset & Rise Retreat- LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. 

€1414 Twin Share - ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT
€1444 each Double Share (for couples or good friends happy to share a bed) - ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT
€1313 - Twin Glamping share SOLD OUT
€1212 - Quad Glamping share in huge beautiful tent - SOLD OUT

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 Through the exquisite mirror of nature, we reconnect to the Light that we are... 

The elevator is going up - and YOU are already on board. There is no turning back and we are heading for the glass ceiling, breaking through into the reality  of the New Earth we have been envisioning for so long.

It’s time to prepare ourselves. It’s time to receive and RESET so our giving becomes effortless. 


What does it mean to RESET?

We have all been through a mammoth process these last couple of years. Squeezed through the birth canal.

The process is still alive of course. 

The guidance for me has been clear - we are being called to work in more nourishing and grounded ways to soothe and RESET our central nervous systems as more light, energetic information and expansion becomes available to us. 

It’s no longer necessary to blow our circuits open with hard processes - it’s a time to soften into gentleness and receive.

To put it all down and exhale. 

To be held by Spirit. 

To be Guided by your highest self. 

To fully receive and allow yourself to completely Rest.  

Gentle doesn’t mean any less deep. 

Lasting transformation, integration of our shadow, profound clarity and exponential growth and expansion can all be experienced through Ease. 


Why Connection to Nature is fundamental in our RESET RETREATS?

Through the exquisite mirror of nature, we reconnect to the Light that we are.

We remember the beauty that surrounds us on each breath of wind,

The sweetness carried to us on the bird song, 

The effortlessness of a flower blooming. 

And in the crystalline purity of the waters that flow within and around us - we see our own reflection. 

When we delight in the respite our Mother Earth offers us in the cool soft dampness of her earthly womb, we are able to see our selves in the profound beauty and simplicity of nature.

Raw, unfiltered, majestic. 

She reflects our stunning wild beauty and messy perfection in her untamed mirror.

She shows us what has become obscured in the busy-ness of life. 

She opens our heart to remember that like her, we are perfect just as we are. 

There is nothing more to be done.

We are whole and we are healed. 

We revel in delight, as we bask in our Light.

We invite our shadow to dance instead of fight.

We no longer try to tame or change, instead we accept, allow and embrace it - mess and all.  

We honour our past, and with gratitude for making us who we are now - we let it go. 



When we work with the Medicine and Specific modalities to connect our heart to the heart of Pachamama, and open our channel to hear the wisdom of our soul and experience the timelessness of our essence - huge and lasting shifts occur.

Nature has all of the answers to all of our deepest questions. She holds the key to our healing.

She will show you that your answers are all within you.

When we change our environment and take ourselves away from all the distractions of the craziness of life - we are finally able to hear our inner voice and unlock the wisdom in our bodies. 



 1. Preparation - In our RESET & RISE RETREATS first we move through a powerful process of purification and preparation through specifically chosen modalities and rituals. We get clear about what we are ready to put down and consciously seed what we are ready to receive. 

 2. Transformation and Creation - Then deep dive into our hearts in Ceremony and liberate anything that may be holding us back from reaching our highest potential. We get clear on what we are ready to call forth and how we will walk forward as leaders of our New Earth. 

 3. Integration and Celebration - Then we integrate and celebrate! And close this cycle so a new one can begin. In this way, by completion we are ready to spread our strong radiant wings and fly!



We decide to walk forward. 

We make new memories and invite in new experiences by luxuriating in the dream of a future that elates our Spirit and Uplifts our hearts.

During these 4 days we restore our trust in Life and in ourselves.

We RESET our energy and our vitality. Our passion for the adventure of life. Our playfulness and curiosity. Our nervous system and our resilience. We restore our hope and faith. 

We feel effervescent and free.

Through Rest and Reconnection, we Return our natural state of well being.

Here we remember that our true nature is Joy. It is Love. And we are Light. 

This is RESET. 

If this sounds like something you are ready to receive and gift to yourself, please join us for this very special and Sacred Ceremonial deep dive in the Hinterland of Byron Bay - into the beauty of our hearts and the wonder of nature. 

Through the Medicine, we become the Medicine. 

And together we RISE.

Now is your time. 

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With all my love and infinite blessings

Jem x



Day 1 - Preparation & Clear Intention

2.00 pm Arrive and Welcome (afternoon tea on arrival)

3.00 pm Opening Circle and Ceremony

4.00 pm Clarity and Intention setting process 

6.00 pm Dinner

8.00 pm Herbal Steam and Temez - Sauna Ceremony with Paola


Day 2 - Preparation & Deep Connection

8,00 am Yin Yang Yoga

9.15 am - 10.15 am Breakfast 

11.00 am - 1 pm Despacho

1.30 pm Lunch 

3.00 pm Sound Healing Journey with Joanna Lewins

6.00 pm Dinner

7.30 pm Breathwork with Catalina Rojas (In Breath)


Day 3 - Deep Dive

8.00 am Breakfast

9.00 am Ancestral Prayer Circle and Deep Meditation (full day)

4.00 pm Light afternoon refreshment 

7.00 pm Family Dinner

Evening - Offer Despacho to the Fire


Day 4 - Integration and Celebration!

8.00 am Yin Yoga

9:15 am Breakfast and Pack up rooms

11.00 am Shamanic Cacao Ceremony with Jemmita and Ecstatic Dance with Joanna Lewins

1.30 pm Integration, sharing, and gratitude circle

3.00 pm Onward Journeys!


Please enter your details below and we will send you more information about the Ibiza Reset Retreat as well as payment options and an application form upon payment.