Shamanic Cacao ceremony training apprenticeship
What is a Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao Ceremony?

Hello Luminous Leaders and Welcome to Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao.

I am so excited to be your guide and mentor on this journey.

By nature, this way of working with the medicine of Cacao in Ceremony is very Shamanic. I have developed this offering as a unique modality that has evolved over time, as a culmination of my own personal years of experience working in Ceremony, having been apprenticed into working with ancestral medicines in the Andes of Peru.

For some years now I have had requests from people all over the World to ‘teach’ them how to facilitate my version of Shamanic Cacao Ceremony that I call Wilka Suyu. Until recently, my internal answer to this request was, ’How can I teach Ceremony online or in a short intensive course when the Ceremony is something that you ARE, not something that you DO?'

It’s something that through deep connection and consistent practice – you become… and that can take years. And then one day, I was given clear instruction as to the ‘how’. So, the Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao lineage was born. With permission from my Maestro Puma to share elements of the lineage I have been initiated into the Andes, and blessed to carry - I am deeply honoured to share and support others on their Sacred Path to being the best facilitators and Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialists they can possibly be.

What you will learn here will not only set you up to create profound, powerful and transformative Ceremonies - it will also give you tools to assist you, your loved ones and community in everyday life.

You are the Lighthouse. Through this modality you will learn how to Anchor your Light in Service to your own personal journey of transformation, in service to our Pachamama, and to the awakening of your global community too.

Cacao is an Ancient Plant Medicine used by various cultures for eons as a way of connecting to Spirit. She is an ally that opens our hearts and guides our way. 

The art of Ceremony lies in the power of your prayer. Through the union of Cacao and learning how to 'Become the Ceremony' you are the bridge between worlds. You are the Medicine, and although rooted in ancient tradition - your ceremony is uniquely yours to powerfully share. 

This is a deep dive into your essence to connect you to your allies and bring forth your greatest gifts. You will then feel confident to share your ceremony with the world. 

This is an intimate apprenticeship for those who feel called and ready to go deep. 

Let the Ceremony begin! 

Love Jem xxx



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This apprenticeship is a deep dive into yourself through Ancient lineage and the Andean Altar. We intricately explore our inner realms and refine our relationship to ourselves and in turn to nature. This is the essence of Shamanism. We learn Sacred tools and rituals, and receive profound wisdom to help us see beyond the veils, so we are able to truly listen, feel, heal and be guided as to how we can be in best service to our communities.

We learn the power of Ceremony. We remember that we are masters of living energy.

By end of this apprenticeship you will be able to confidently facilitate your own Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies and weave this way of facilitation into any current modality you like to work with.

This programme is foundational to this particular altar - but it is definitely not basic. The work is deep, intricate and rich. It is for students of every level - even those who have been facilitating for years and are ready to take their Sacred containers next level. It is as perfect for those stepping onto their Sacred Path as Medicine woman, Medicine man.



One of the things that excites me most about this apprenticeship is that I have an opportunity to introduce you to my main teachers, elders and brothers that are my family in the Andes.

 I take at least two groups a year to the Mountains of Peru, but through this apprenticeship, my wish is to bring the mountains (Apu's) and the power of the Apu’s, to you.

This also gives me an opportunity to support my family and their communities during this time. It’s wonderful to share what we call in the Andes ‘Ayni’ which, in its simplest form, means sacred reciprocity.

I get to give back for all I have received and am now sharing with you.

Maestro Puma is my main teacher. He is a Maestro of Maestros. Struck by lightning as a child, he is a very powerful medicine man and shaman that comes from a long lineage of healers through his grandfather, Papa Kay. It’s rare to have this opportunity to be one to one with Puma, so it is a great honour to have him join us.


Maestro Alfredo Huyata Singona is a remarkable and highly respected Andean Medicine Man and healer who, like his cousin Maestro Puma Fredi Quispe Singona, is a direct descendant of the lineage of the Seven Rays. His grandfather Don Maximo Papa Kai and his grandmother Mama Irene are considered legendary as humble and powerful healers in many communities both locally in the Andes, and globally as well.

These are some of the incredible beings and teachers you will have the honour to be in the presence of during this potent and powerful apprenticeship.

My maestros have offered to share their wisdom because they believe in what I am sharing with you, and trust that their lineage is being represented in a true and correct way.

They are happy to see how I am weaving the Andean traditions with the safe and sacred Medicine of Cacao, to create deeper connection, reverence and respect for Ceremony and Pachamama.



The training is a 3 month journey with live calls and live Ceremonies each week. The first call will be on June 21st 2023.
Recordings of each call will be accessible if you cannot make the live.

Aside from the live calls, course modules will be unlocked weekly with potent online teachings, powerful guided processes, written course material in your beautiful
Wisdom Manual, and much more.


Call 1 - Opening Solstice Ceremony to plant seeds of light

Wednesday 21st June - 11am Amsterdam

Welcome to this journey and being in Ceremony and Celebration together! We'll open our journey together on the Solstice to anchor in our intentions and blessings for the next 3 months. 

Call 2 -  An introduction to Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao and the Three Worlds

Tuesday 27th June - 12pm Amsterdam

We learn how to brew ceremonial grade cacao as well as begin our journey into the fundamental principles and practices of Andean Shamanism. Maestro Puma joins us from Peru to share wisdom and blessings for our journey ahead.  

Call 3 - Inner Work & shadow work as Light work 

 Thursday 29th June - 12pm Amsterdam

This module, we look at the importance of inner work to enrich our own lives and those around us, the path of the light worker and discovering our true purpose.  

Call 4 -  The Poqpos and Sacred Essences

Thursday 6th July - 12pm Amsterdam

Learn to facilitate in a way that gives you energy, rather than depletes it. This week and throughout our journey, we will learn to understand the energy body from a Shamanic perspective and how to work with it to heal. You will receive tools, rituals and practices that will assist you to work on the level of energy and enhance all areas of your life.


Call 5 -  Catalina Rojas from In Breath - Breathwork for Healing through your Highest frequency

Tuesday 11th July - 12pm Amsterdam

Catalina Rojas joins us for a live Breathwork Journey and an introduction to facilitating breathwork in ceremony. 

Call 6 - Maestro Puma joins us for the Chakana Medicine wheel & the portal of the South

Thursday 13th July - 12pm Amsterdam

We learn the most important elements of Ceremony, using the Andean Chakana medicine wheel as we begin to understand living energy.  In working with the portal of the South, we will work with a powerful process of liberation called ‘cutting the ties that bind' - freeing ourselves from the past, to become pioneers of our future. 

Call 7 - Ceremonial Instruments and Medicine Songs with Giselle World

Tuesday 18th July - 5am Sydney (Monday 16th July 9pm Amsterdam / 3pm Miami)

Giselle is an international performing artist working with Medicine Music. She is a gifted and intuitive Medicine Woman as well as a talented EventProducer, Ceremonialist & Earth Guardian. We are so blessed to have Giselle joining us. She will share her Medicine Song, Sacred chants, Sacred instruments and a beautiful Ceremony with us.

Call 8 -  Our Apus and the Portal of the West

Thursday 20th July - 12pm Amsterdam

This week we tap into our eternal nature.  We focus on the destruction of old ways, healing Ancestral lines and the re-organisation of energy to bring in great change with courage strength and protection. Each week, we build on the power of our prayers - that when we ask the mountains to move, they move!

Call 9 - The Art of Prayer with Reggie Riverbear

Tuesday 25th July - 12pm Amsterdam

Reggie joins us again for an incredible workshop on the ART OF PRAYER - moving from performance to prayer in our ceremonies, finding our voice and own healing song to use for our own personal healing and for healing in our ceremonies.

Call 10 - The Elements and the Portal of the North

Thursday 27th July - 12pm Amsterdam

We explore each element - ether, fire, water, earth and air - as they help us to understand and feel the nature of each direction in the Medicine wheel of life.  We will also connect with the living energy of the North - our Evolution. 

Call 11 -  Somatic movement with the Elements with Jelena Devi

Friday 28th July - 12pm Amsterdam

Jelena Devi joins our Cacao Ceremony to share an Ecstatic Dance journey to embody the 5 elements.  We experience the quality of the elements through movement - one of the many creative ways we can bring Ceremony to our communities to work with the Spirit of the Master plant teacher - Cacao.

Call 12 - Our Animal Allies and the Portal of the East

Tuesday 1st August - 12pm Amsterdam

We share time and space with the portal of the East - Transcendence.  Experience a shamanic drum journey to discover our power animal allies.  We will explore traditional earth-based medicine teachings, sacred stories and healings passed by shamanic elders and wisdom keepers from around the world.

Call 13 -  Shamanic Journeying with Shaman Jon Rassumen

Friday 4th August - 9pm Amsterdam / 12pm LA (Saturday 5th August - 5am Sydney)

Jon will share powerful tools on building confidence to bring shamanic drum/ rattle journeying into your Ceremonies, how to get out of the way and allow the team to do the work and using different instruments to work with energy centres for healing.


Call 14 -  Trauma Informed Facilitation with Alana Warlop

Friday 11th August - 12pm Amsterdam

Alana Warlop will be joining us to explore trauma informed facilitation. Alana is a galactic nomad and traveling medicine woman who facilitates healing through her work as a spiritual psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and modern-day mystic. Her passion is to teach the art of embodiment and devotion to Self and Spirit through powerful healing practices.

Call 15 -  The Sacred Mesa

Wednesday 16th August - 12pm Amsterdam

We go deeper into the Andean Cosmovision this week as we learn how to work with and within the Ancient tradition of the Sacred Mesa and assemble our team of Guardians and Masters of Light.  The Sacred Mesa is the Altar to Pachamama.  She anchors our team of light and the journey through the 3 worlds. 


Call 16 - The ceremony of the Despacho (Haywarikuy) with Maestro Alfredo

Thursday 22nd August - 12pm Amsterdam

We learn the art and powerful Ancient Ritual of the Despacho (offerings to Pachamama) to assist you and others on your Path.  We will be joined by Elder, Don Sebastian and Maestro Percy to seed our gratitude, prayers and intentions for our journey ahead.  


Call 17 -  The Art of Facilitation and our final co created  Shamanic Cacao Ceremony!

Tuesday 25th August - 12pm Amsterdam

We now have the tools to create and hold powerful, clear and engaging energetic spaces.  We weave all we have learned and practiced together in our final co-created Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao Ceremony. 

Call 18 - Karpay Initiation & Integration

Friday 28th August - 12pm Amsterdam

Completing our cycle, we come together to share our experience and learn more about how to take our Ceremonies and your offerings out into our communities and the business of Ceremony. We will also receive wisdom and a Karpay Initiation from Maestro Puma for our journey ahead.  

Call 19 - Ceremony through the Portal of Zoom with Amanda Tjan

Monday 4th September - 12pm Amsterdam

Amanda will share tech tips on offering potent Ceremonies online through Zoom. We'll go over setting up the tech hardware and creating beautiful experiences for online Ceremonies.


  • Lifetime Access to your personal Luminous Library with:

  • Potent online teachings

  • Powerful guided processes that will assist your journey both during and after your training.

  • Recordings of LIVE transmissions and Ceremonies. 

  • 19 powerful live Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies. We dive deep into Ceremony every call! 

  • Written course material in our beautiful WISDOM MANUAL.

  • Private support and mentorship group for the entire duration of your journey.

  • Powerful tools and rituals rooted in Andean Shamanism to assist you in your work and in your everyday life.

  • Receive the wisdom, blessings and backing of an Ancient lineage which gives you access to a whole team of ancestral allies to support you in your work.

  • Live teachings from the Andes from Maestro Puma, Don Sebastian and Maestro Percy.

  • Live Breathwork Ceremony with Catalina Rojas from InBreath.

  • Live Embodied Ecstatic dance Ceremony with Jelena Devi.

  • Live with Giselle - Learn how to bring Medicine song into your ceremony with Medicine Song Workshop.

  • Live with Shaman Jon who shares his profound Shamanic wisdom
  • Live with Alana Warlop who shares about trauma informed facilitation from a psychotherapist and spiritual perspective
  • Live with Reggie Riverbear on the Art of Prayer
  • BONUS module with Kelly Alexander on Soulful Marketing to share your gifts with the world
  • Learn how to overcome blocks and limiting self beliefs that prevent you from sharing your Gifts and Ceremonies with your communities.

  • Learn the tools of Sacred Enterprise - how and where to market and share your Ceremonies to support you in supporting others.

  • Take active part in a full length Cacao Ceremony each week, culminating in a Final Collective Wilka Suyu Ceremony!

  • Receive deep healings and guidance for your life and your Sacred Path.

  • Powerful space stewarding techniques to create and facilitate deeply transformative and life changing ceremonies for you and your participants. 
  • BONUS COURSE! Receive our Shamanic Jedi Knight Training “Be the Crystal" valued at USD$333 FREE! Highly recommended as preparation for this Apprenticeship. CLICK HERE to learn more about this shamanic training.
  • Once complete, there is a chance to complete further certification (no extra cost) to become an official Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist, which opens a whole other level of support for you in your work.
  • Access to my advanced offerings, retreats and Pilgrimages that are only available to graduates of Wilka Suyu.

"This Cacao Apprenticeship is really been one of the most profound, well-sealed & transformative containers in deepening your understanding in shamanic space stewarding, working with medicine and so much more. The entire course is build upon mastery, continuous support & long experience that is felt so very much in every wisdom manual, guided process or live call. The guest speakers have all been incredibly aligned with the program  and brought so much variety into the course. I really can’t thank Jem & Team Light enough for their work and service for what they all are giving us in our own personal lives as well as our shamanic work. Big Upgrades! Until next time!"
- S. Weniger


Click here to see the full details of  'Be the Crystal' 
"Thank you for bringing your profound wisdom and teachings to us, beautiful soul. They have changed my life and my service in so many ways. Infinitely grateful for you and all that you are. Every time I sit in ceremony in Ibiza you come through so strongly in the space, along with all of the Maestros, Shamans and Apus from Peru. It’s such incredibly powerful work. I am honoured to be a part of this lineage and to share this work with others. Thank you!"
- Jo Lewins.



It is a deep honour for me to share the profound medicine and teachings that I have been so blessed to receive from my Maestros and lineage in Peru, woven in with over 20 years of wisdom and experience from walking my own Spiritual path of Awakening.

I feel deeply called to my path in service here as a Paco (Maestra of Living Energy), Medicine Woman, healer and mentor and above all, I am here in humble service to our beautiful Mother Earth and to our global family.

In respectfully and generously sharing this wisdom, my wish is to assist others in transforming their own lives, in the way it has profoundly transformed my own.



Maestro Puma

The Teacher of Teachers -
Sharing Andean Cosmovision & Chakana Medicine Wheel 

Maestro Puma is my main teacher and a Maestro of Maestros.

Struck by lightning as a child, he is a very powerful medicine man and shaman that comes from a long lineage of healers through his grandfather, Papa Kay.

It is rare to have this opportunity to be one to one with Puma, so it is a great honour to have him join us.

You will receive a Karpay initiation from Maestro Puma into the path of the Paco (Medicine Person) and Mesa Carrier.

Catalina Rojas

Breathwork for Healing through your Highest Frequency

Catalina is Colombian by birth & has lived in Barcelona for many years and now Bali with her family. She is a psychologist focused on personal self-discovery and the search of BEING.

Motivated by her own call to evolve, she has had a 21 year journey through various formations, such as art therapy, gestalt, PNL, kundalini yoga, Registros Akashicos & sound healing. She specialises in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques such as rebirthing and meditation.

Jelena Devi

Somatic Movement with the Elements

Jelena Devi landed into this world dancing. After many years exploring the realms of professional dance, choreography and teaching a variety of styles, it is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body and heart to witness expression of truth. Previously a dance/ yoga studio owner, she now shares “Dance & Yoga as Medicine” all over the world in the form of ceremony, ecstatic earth dance, workshops and elemental dance/ yoga retreats.

Maestro Alfredo

The Ancient Ritual of the Despacho

Maestro Alfredo Huyata Singona is a remarkable and highly respected Andean Medicine Man and healer who, like his cousin Maestro Puma Fredi Quispe Singona, is a direct descendant of the lineage of the Seven Rays. His grandfather Don Maximo Papa Kai and his grandmother Mama Irene are considered legendary as humble and powerful healers in many communities both locally in the Andes, and globally as well.

Maestro Alfredo is a natural teacher and shares his deep love, wisdom and knowledge of the Andean Cosmovision and his Ancestral Lineage in a direct and profoundly beautiful way that is not only very powerful and deep, it is also very relatable and easy to absorb.

Being in the presence of such a humble Master is truly an an honour and a pleasure and gives one the opportunity to connect to this Ancient tradition in a very powerful, yet gentle and pure way.


Ceremonial Instruments & Medicine Song

Giselle is an international medicine woman and artist & composer. She has been extensively in service to plant medicines for 11 years studying with indigenous tribes. Giselle is on a mission to bring unity & consciousness to our earth and purpose as humans through plant medicine and music connecting people to the frequency of our Pachamama in all kinds of settings throughout our beautiful Mother Earth.

Shaman Jon Rasmussen

Shamanic Journeying for Soul Retrieval

Jon is an incredible 'mediator of souls between worlds' and has worked with masters and energy healers all over the world, including his studies with Alberto Villoldo at the Four Winds Society. A lot of this training was in Peru. He has had incredible experiences that he openly shares in order to help others also walk their path as a healer or medicine man/woman. 

Reggie Riverbear

The Art of Prayer

Reggie Riverbear inspires us with her uplifting Medicine songs, stories and mystic poetry. Reggie joins us again for an incredible workshop on the ART OF PRAYER - moving from performance to prayer in our ceremonies, finding our voice and own healing song to use for our own personal healing and for healing in our ceremonies.

Alana Warlop

Trauma Informed Facilitation

Alana is a spiritual psychotherapist, intuitive and transformational coach who guides Lightworking souls into next levels of leadership and impact. She travels the world guiding events and retreats as a missionary of Divine Alignment and Love. Alana will be joining us to explore TRAUMA INFORMED FACILILATION. 

 “Receiving this training not only better equipped me as a ceremony facilitator, but it truly changed my life. I got to meet a whole team of allies that assist me in my daily life. When I started practicing what Jemma teaches, my relationships started to shift for the better, I was able to trust and surrender, and life started working more and more in my favor. I went through a pretty powerful inner transformation, one that will stay with me, forever changed. I also learned how to become a better ceremony facilitator, and feel so protected and supported now when I hold ceremony."
- C Collins
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What initiations or certifications will I receive at the end of this apprenticeship? 

Typically in a shamanic apprenticeship we don't receive formal certifications or certificates. A true apprenticeship is a relationship between student and teacher that is ongoing and natural. The students received certain initiations (we call them Karpays in our tradition) that activate deeper access to particular energies and further opens doorways to deepen the communion between the student and the guardians and allies they are choosing to work with - basically it anchors our relationship to our team.

However , we are happy to offer a certification to our graduates of Sacred Chocolate as a Certificate of completion of your apprenticeship and readiness to facilitate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies as taught during the apprenticeship. Of course this will be on completion of some requirements for us to fully asses your readiness to serve the Sacred Medicine of Cacao safely in Ceremonial spaces.



At the end of this apprenticeship you will have been initiated into the Path of the Paco (Shamanic healer) and the lineage of the 7 rays and will formally be acknowledged as a carrier of the Sacred Mesa. Provided you have remained active during the apprenticeship, you will receive a Karpay initiation from maestros Jemmita and Puma toward the end of the apprenticeship.

You will be initiated into serving the Sacred Ancestral Medicine of Cacao in a way that is deeply transformative and safe, and you will carry the backing of the Ancestral lineage of the 7 rays to support you in your Ceremonies and offerings as well as in every aspect of your life.

This apprenticeship will open the doorway into deeper study with Maestros Jemmita and Puma both on line and in person.

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