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Learn More

  • Learn the Fundamental principles and practices of Andean Shamanism
  • Learn the guiding principles of the Ancient Andean Cosmo vision and how we can easily apply them to enrich our own lives and those of our loved ones and communities 
  • Tools, rituals and practices that will assist you in all areas of your life
  • Learn to facilitate in a way that gives you energy, rather than depletes it
  • How to pray in a way that you ask the Mountain to Move – and they Move!
  • The tools to create, and hold, Powerful, Clear and Engaging Energetic spaces
  • Powerful on line teachings and processes that you will access too for life. 
  • Deepen and Anchor in your connection and understanding of the Spirit of the Master Plant Teacher - Cacao
  • Learn to Assemble music and playlists to support you and your participants in your Ceremony
  • Learn to understand the energy body from a Shamanic perspective and how to work with it to heal.
  • On line study support group with guidance from our Sacred Chocolate angel
  • Learn how and where to begin sharing your offerings and overcoming self-limiting beliefs

  • You will learn how to work with and within the Ancient tradition of the Mesa (Sacred Medicine bundle) and Assemble your Team of Guardians and Masters of Light.

  • You will learn the Powerful Ancient Ritual of the Despacho (offerings to Pachamama) to assist you and others on your Path

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You'll also reciecve:

  • Weekly Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremonies
  • A collective Virtual Cacao Ceremony (this will be a part of your final group assignment
  • Live Shamanic Drum journeying Ceremony with Peter Bowden from Shamanic Earth Medicine
  • Live 5 Elements Ecstatic Dance Ceremony with Dj Ria from Rhythms in Action.
  • Live Breath of Bliss Ceremony with founder Christabel Zamor 
  • Have the opportunity to complete further Certification to be an accredited Sacred Chocolate Ceremonialist and receive additional benefits and support from the Sacred Chocolate team.
  • Lifetime to access to all recordings and trainings

Personally, I have trained extensively with some of the best Maestros, including by beloved Maestro Puma, carrier of my lineage of the 7 Rays, in the Andes Mountains of Peru. A few times a year, I take groups of people from all over the world to the Andes, to work with my teachers and I. The rest of the time I am working in Ceremony with Sacred Medicines in Australia, Europe, UK, US and wherever I am called around the World.


With this Sacred Gift, I am helping people from all walks of life to liberate themselves from absolutely anything that is holding them back. This includes addictions, eating disorders, low self-esteem, grief, relationship breakup, life transition, physical illness, self-imposed negative beliefs and limitations, ancestral and past life healing - absolutely anything and everything that stands in our way of being the totally joyful, connected, free, abundant and limitless human beings that we are meant to be!

You will also receive the Breath of Bliss Academy’s ‘Teach on Line with Zoom!’ this course will show you everything you need to know to take your offerings on line. It is worth over $1500 USD but is included in the cost of your training!

What Next?

If you’re feeling a fully body YES to step into this Sacred Chocolate apprenticeship and your Mastery as a Luminous Leader - then jump in quick as we finite places and filling fast. 

You can do that simply by transferring your deposit to the account details below (using TransferWise if you are outside of Australia) and send us a screen shot of your payment via email.

We will then send you an email confirming your place and letting you know that your application has been approved. If for any reason your application is not in alignment with the training then we will refund your deposit in full.

Full Payment

1 Payment of $1,111 USD

2 payments

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3 monthly payments of $277 USD

$423/month AUD