We are deeply honoured to introduce you to our star graduates from our Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Apprenticeship.

These remarkable luminous leaders have gone on to become exquisite facilitators of Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies and are available to be booked for group or one on one events with our highest recommendation and blessings. 


Experience a true and authentic Cacao Ceremony that is steeped in Ancient Wisdom, tradition, Lineage and Light.

 Your Ceremonialist will work with the powerful forces of the seen and unseen natural world to create an impeccable container for you and your participants to journey within. 

You will be guided inward using a variety of modalities (which you can ask your Ceremonialist to elaborate on) to help you uncover and remember the truth of who you really are. 

Each Ceremonialist is trained by Jemmita and her team to work shamanically and also encouraged and supported to bring forward their own unique flavour and authentic wisdom and essence to their Ceremonies. 

This way no two Ceremonialists will be alike, but you can rest assured that the foundational container you are being held in is rock solid, fully supportive and saturated in Light.

This is what makes the experience of a Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremony so unique.

 Our Ceremonialists have undergone intensive inner processes and training, and have learned the tools to traverse and transform their own processes, so they are prepared and ready to be in service to others.

It gives me great joy and pleasure to introduce them to you here, and witness the beauty of the magic unfolding as they share their Ceremonies around the world, with our Global Family. 

You can reach out to each of our Ceremonialists directly or feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] for any questions. 


 Blessings on your Ceremony!


Amy is deeply committed to assisting people on their journey's home to themselves; to their heart and the arms of Pachamama.
Amy is passionate about helping re-heart (remind) people of their innate inner-knowing that they are spiritual beings and their unique expression is their medicine and the world needs all of them! Amy is deeply connected to Pachamama and guiding people to walk her with more reverence and connection to the magic unfolding all around them, always, in all ways. Through connecting with the medicine of cacao Amy has deepened her connection to Pachamama and all beings immensely and works with this plant medicine spirit to guide other souls through this same life changing portal.

Amy calls upon her deep connection with the medicine of Cacao and her spirit allies in her intuitively guided ceremonies and sacred mentoring sessions. Amy testifies that the blessing of this beautiful lineage and Team Light Family has profoundly opened her heart unlike anything else and she finally feels like she is home.

Location: Adelaide South Australia
Instagram:@amyleemutton @amyleemutton


Next to being a Shiatsu therapist and Spaceholder in Ceremony, I am above all, a mother of 2, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a lover

Born in the Netherlands, I travelled the world, studied Communications, became a producer and then turned my life around.
Graduated from the Zen Shiatsu School in Amsterdam in June 2019, I am now officially a Zen Shiatsu Therapist.
During my last year of studies I specialized in burn-out and I found that my power lays in triggering and guiding transformation.
Maestra Cacao became my allie in guiding these processes.
I have my practice in Amsterdam and work in the Netherlands since my group ceremonies are not held in English yet.I offer group cacao ceremonies in my practice, at yoga schools and on festivals and campings. Not online. (Dutch)

I offer one to one (cacao) ceremonies both in my practice and online, I combine cacao and ceremony with the clean beautiful clean language method of one of my masters: nick pole...(book: words that touch) it is a very strong combination and it keeps surprising me what comes of it!!!
(Dutch and English) 

With the desire to escape the daily grind and live an abundant life led from the heart, at 28 Ebony began questioning all that she knew and took her personal health, healing and growth into her own hands.

Since 2015 Ebony has been exploring, experiencing and learning different types of healing modalities including Reiki, Yoga, Crystal Therapy, Sacred Plant Medicines, Sound Therapy, Essential Oils and Massage.
Her passion for supporting others with connecting to their mind, body and soul has led to her developing offerings that leave one feeling aligned, attuned and in balance.

After years of exploring her own depths, Ebony now lovingly supports others through their healing alchemy to reconnect and return home to their hearts in a way that resonates with them. Ebony is passionate about empowering others to re-evaluate what is and isn’t working in their lives. Knowing that there are always many paths and many ways forward, she encourages you to dive deep into the journey of your own souls remembering and choose how it is you want to live and show up in this world.
Based in Coffs Harbour Australia, during her downtime Ebony loves being in nature, enjoying the sunshine and connecting with all that Mother Earth has to offer.
Instagram: @consciouslyebony


Caterina is a yoga teacher, pilates instructor, psychotherapy student, and cacao ceremonialist based in Byron Bay, Australia. Attending her first cacao ceremony in Colombia in 2016, Cat felt a profound connection to the plant teacher of maestra cacao and has been working with her consistently ever since.

As a somatic enthusiast, Caterina devotes her life to the mind-body connection and believes that cacao can be a very generous ally in assisting with this connection. Cat’s intention with this work is to be a crystal vessel for the teachings to flow through, to deliver practices and rituals to help to flood your body with the light that you already are. 


My passion is combining magical cacao ceremonies with sound healing; weaving medicine songs and guided journeys to inspire and facilitate inner discovery and deep healing.

With my crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, ukulele, and my singing voice, I create unique sound journeys to assist with awakening, heart-opening, healing and self empowerment.

I offer ceremonies in group settings and one-to-one, both online and in person. 

I’m also a wedding celebrant, with a calling to deliver meaningful, memorable and personalised ceremonies that are something different from the mainstream. 

Email: [email protected]
Location: Byron Shire NSW


I am Darren "Jonesy" Jones from Sacred Wheel - a Sacred Ceremonialist, Transformational Guide,  Reiki Practitioner, Facilitator of Men's Groups and Programs as well as teaming up with Veteran Support Facilitators to offer alternative therapies for PTSD and addressing trauma. I regularly hold Community Ceremonies and events such as Shamanic Drum Journeying in Western Brisbane and Ipswich as well as the greater S.E QLD area.

I feel incredibly honoured to be working with the teachings of the Andean Lineage of the Seven Rays and to be an affiliated Sacred Chocolate Cacao facilitator. I am also honoured to be weaving in teachings from Indigenous Elders here in Australia. Some of my work is nature based, working on Ugarapul country South West of Ipswich and Yagera country, Western Brisbane. I honour and acknowledge all of the Elders and Wisdom keepers across Australia and around the world sharing their knowledge in these times of great change.

I am of service in these times to assist people in reconnecting to and reclaiming their true essence, to bring Sacred connection to Country, Spirit and Community and to guide people to weave their unique thread into this New Earth Dreaming.

I would love to hear from you regarding Cacao Ceremony, whether it's 1-1, Group Ceremony, your next event or retreat, or like minded collaboration!

Facebook @sacredwheelweaving
Instagram @sacredwheel


Working with Maestra Cacao has been a beautiful & profound journey for me, and I am truly honoured to be walking this path & sharing this ancient & sacred medicine with others. After working with other healing modalities such as Shamanic Reiki & EFT, Cacao has become my main focus and passion. My heart feels open, engaged & ready to share the gifts that mama cacao has to offer.

My Instagram - @hollyzoe_

Email - [email protected]


My heart’s mission is to assist in the awakening, integration and the embodiment of our unique expression and powerful inner medicine.

Allied by this powerful plant teacher of Maestra Cacao I hold regular ceremonies for groups and individuals both in person and online. I run regular immersions in nature, facilitating processes of connection to the wisdom and support of the Earth and Elements.

I also focus on the sacred path of Grief, walking beside and holding ceremonies for those that are on a healing journey through this epic portal of the heart.

 Instagram - @Cat.bednarski
Website -
Northern NSW/S.E Queensland Australia.


I am a mother, lawyer / mediator and a Sacred Chocolate Ceremonialist. After experiencing some wake up calls that left me with a deeper awareness and compassion for people, my work is in service to empowering parents & children to reduce generational stress and suffering. May we live in harmony with the Earth and with each other.

I offer ceremonies, education & mediation both online and Northern Rivers, NSW (Byron Bay to Gold Coast).


My first connection with Maestra Cacao was on a Peru pilgrimage with Jem in 2019. I fell in love with the gentle, yet powerful healing of the medicine. It is truly an honour to now be a Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist.

I am passionate about helping women reconnect with themselves and bring them back to the present. Immersing ourselves with nature really helps with this process. I host wellness day retreats for small, intimate groups of women at a log cabin in the forest. A stunning location with the cabin situated on a lake. It’s an opportunity to get away from everything and go off grid while there. A perfect place to just be and relax, to get connected to Mother Nature. It’s a day of restorative yoga, relaxation and cacao ceremonies. I combine powerful cacao ceremonies with yoga nidra for deep relaxation. 

I also offer cacao ceremonies for small groups and one-to-one in person and online.  I am located outside Trondheim, Norway.


Cozz is a Ceremonialist, divine space holder, mentor and body worker who weaves the magick of Sacred Cacao and energy medicine to bring you home more deeply into your body and heart, awakening the truth of one's essence, inviting you to commune with every aspect of self, soul and spirit.

Bringing together her loving, unwavering presence, her deep love for humanity and her playful nature, Cozz creates profound shifts in the lives of those she works with one-on-one, in facilitated Ceremony, in workshops, retreats or events.

Instagram @corrinejade_
Facebook Corrine Jade
Email [email protected]

Hollie Azzopardi is a leading Mind, Body & Soul mentor, intuitive, body love advocate and model, speaker and writer.

Co-host of The Middle Podcast, and host of soon-to-be launched Soul Talk podcast,  Hollie’s workshops, online programs and speaking events incorporate a refreshing approach to living in alignment, following your intuition and pursuing what lights you up.  

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @hollie_azzopardi
YouTubeHollie Azzopardi

Jessica became a Cacao Ceremonial with Anchoring the Light in 2021 and has formed a deep connection with the sacred spirit and medicine of cacao, working with it on a daily basis.
With a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, Jessica also works as a Relationship Mentor, supporting her clients in creating intimate and loving relationships that center around clear communication and authentic connection. She does this through exploring the recurring themes, patterns, and challenges they experience in their lives. By looking at the conditioning and programming they have taken on, Jessica helps them get back to what is most aligned and true. Jessica is a stand for remembering- remembering who you really are, remembering why you are here and remembering your interconnectedness to all things.

Jessica works one-on-one over Zoom and sees in-person clients on Maui.



Tayla lives each day with the intention that her whole life is to be a ceremony and a celebration. It wasn’t always that way (and she still has her moments), but through being a forever student and sharing her teachings of yoga & meditation, ecstatic dance and cacao ceremonies she truly believes these magnificent modalities are what opens her to the remembering that she is the creator of this beautiful life.

In Tayla’s ceremonies, you can expect her to use a mixture of these modalities that have supported her so deeply in her own magical creation of living awake, not asleep. Tayla feels her dharma is to guide souls in their remembering of the sweetness of life. Tayla invites us to weave a magical web of light and love in ceremony together.

When Tayla is not in ceremony, she also weaves this magic into her work ‘womens heart medicine guide', friend, daughter, sister and lover.

Tayla’s offerings are based on the south coast of Australia (Illawarra, NSW) from Thirroul, Kiama through to Berry.

Location - South Coast NSW - Kiama


Hi, my name is Markeeta I have been a space holder in the Community Services field for over 25 years, encouraging people to lead an empowering life full of celebration and meaning. I acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land I live on the Wadawurrung people, and I weave in teachings from Elders that I have been blessed to work with. I have a variety of qualifications in the community Services/ Mental Health Fields. In which I have lectured at Ballarat University, I am currently undertaking studies in Psychotherapy, sex coach certification and Death Doula training, I have a passion to hold space for people throughout life’s transitions and bring sacred ceremony to this space.
I approach life from a holistic perspective and have a special interest in nutrition and plant-based foods and the link between the power of positive affirmation and trauma informed holistic practises being the driving force in healing your body. YOU are your own healer.

Email: [email protected]
Location Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


From Depression to Devotion! My life has been an incredible journey of life lessons and healing. After spending 22 years in corporate and 17 of those in depression, I stepped onto the path of healing through yoga and it was on this path that I realized my true purpose.

This change in direction was brough to me through a weekend of deep ceremony with plant medicine.
I knew then that my life was about to change in a big way.

I have since completed various yoga teacher trainings including Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini and Forrest yoga, working with groups, corporates and private clients. I am also the founder of a beautiful yoga studio in Johannesburg, South Africa offering outdoor experiences, classes, events and retreats.
Under the incredible guidance of Jemmita , I am elated to have qualified as a Cacao ceremonialist and have jumped straight into offering heart opening, blissful experiences.

I am here to simply help you find your truth as a healer.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa


Carly Morrison is a qualified tarot reader, reiki grandmaster. Has had a lifelong passion for all things magical and mystical. Is also qualified with level 1 serenity vibrational healing and level 3 The Melchizadek Method. As well as Feng Shui, Crystal healing. Been certified through honouring heart as a circle facilitator. A qualified yoga teacher.

IG: Rudra Channel
Facebook: Rudra Channel/PsychicDreaming
Email [email protected]


Sophie, the founder of Conscious Flow, is a passionate Breathwork, Meditation, Mindfulness, Sound Journey facilitator, Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Practitioner.

Working with the beautiful medicine of the heart, Cacao, has completely changed her life.

She is truly passionate about helping you live your life to the fullest. Creating lasting transformational shifts, coming into alignment, connecting to your true nature.

Opening your heart, your mind, raising your vibration, awakening the healer within, manifesting your wildest dreams, are at the core of the practices she passionately and wholeheartedly shares.

She offers private one on one and group ceremonies, in workshops, retreats and events, both online and in person.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Byron Shire NSW


Amanda is an Intuitive Guide and Cacao Ceremonialist who is passionate about helping people come home to their Inner Truth. She considers herself to be a lifelong student, and it is truly an honor to be able to learn from and share the Medicine of Cacao in Ceremony.

Amanda started her own healing journey over 15 years ago when she sought to find a natural way to heal and release her trauma. She works with various modalities including EFT Tapping, hypnosis, Reiki, and evolutionary astrology.

On this journey, she has found that real healing happens when we truly love all parts of ourselves. Working with the Andean Lineage of the Seven Rays and Jemmita has opened up a beautiful world of transformation. Deepening our connection to our Guides and their unconditional love reminds us just how powerful and beautiful it is to stand in the Light.

In Ceremony along with Maestra Cacao, Amanda uses visualization and breath to help people journey back to their Inner Radiance and who they truly are.

1:1 and group offerings. Both online and in-person.
Also always open to aligned collaboration and events.


Location: Madrid, Spain | Berlin, Germany | California, USA 


Kirsty is a Mother and a Medicine Woman. She walks with Spirit and brings her love of the Earth into her Ceremonies and Soul Work. She works with plant spirits, sound, wisdom + spiritual traditions. Her soothing voice offers a grounding presence to calm our overwrought nervous system, she channels it like nectar to the heart and soul. She embodies her work and lives a devotional life.

Her wish is that we move to a new way of living that supports and deepens our relationship to Mother Earth.

Email: [email protected]
Location - Brighton + Hove, UK


Jade's path of service is to teach both yoga and Indigenous American practices (of her own Monacan heritage and Andean lineage - the Lineage of the Light from the Lineage of the Seven Rays) through a fusion of the two - Warrior Heart Yoga.

Sharing embodied practices in sacred space through the use of ritual to create safety, support, love and beauty to allow souls to challenge their beliefs, connect with themselves and the worlds around, feel and heal, know and grow in physical, spiritual and emotional aspects. To share the teachings of personal experiences and ancient practices that allow for growth in consciousness and enriched relationships and life experiences through the journey of the heart.

She offers Knoff Yoga, Yin Yoga and Sacred Chocolate cacao ceremonies involving shamanic practices such as meditation, breathwork, sound and movement through classes, workshops, 1:1 sessions, courses and facilitation at retreats. She is also studying Trauma Informed Yoga based on the Ashtanga Primary Series, Yin and Pre/Post Natal. Practices Jade utilises in her life and being. Practices to remember who you are.

Email: [email protected]
Location: Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Gurrumbilbarra & Thul Garrie Waja Country
Traditional owners and custodians the Wulgurukaba & Bindal people


Indian born, Swedish by adoption and currently living in Spain since the age of 6, Filippa started connecting with her spirituality in her teenage.

After going through the early death of her adoptive father and one of her brothers, she began a journey of selfdiscovery. 

She managed a holistic center for 13 years becoming a a children Yoga Teacher (2003) Reiki Master in the Usui Japanese lineage (2008), and had her first introduction to Shamanism in 2010, when she became a mother. 

Since then she works as Energetic Healer combining her reiki skills, Barbara Brennan healing techniques and shamanism  feeling that her mission is to assist her community in the golden path towards spiritual growth.  

She is honoured to be part of this Sacred Cacao Family, to be a Mesa Carrier and thankful to Jemmita for her continuous and loving support and for the lineage she has received by her and her Maestros. Her training has deepened her connection with Pachamama. 

She is offering Cacao Ceremonies in nature in Spain, one-to-one healing sessions as well as online sessions with clients from the UK, France and Switzerland. 


Email: [email protected]


Sabine has been an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy for many years, she is a certified energy therapist, an Aura Soma practitioner also for colour light acupuncture and trained for 1:1 sessions of trauma informed Breathwork by Catalina Rojas.

It is an honour for her to hold a sacred space for wonderful people like you and guide you on a journey to yourself and into healing. Working with plant medicine - especially Maestra Cacao and with Breathwork have completely changed and enriched her work with clients.

It is her heart's mission to bring you back into contact with your inner wisdom, your heart and your soul and to guide you on the journey into deep remembering.

May the loving arms of Mama Cacao wrap protectively around you on your journey to yourself!

She offers Cacao Ceremonies 1:1 and groups, online and in person, the 1:1 also combined with Breathwork, Colours and Light.

Website: www.meinseelentrö
Email: [email protected]
Location: Bavaria, Germany
Language: German, English


Sarah Balmer, aka Sarah Belle, is a mission coded being and an ambassador of love here to anchor higher frequencies and assist humanity in its evolution to unity consciousness. Sarah is a wisdom teacher, ascension mentor, crystal energy healer, ceremonialist and modern medicine woman who helps women to reclaim their inner light and return to wholeness by guiding them in embodying energetic sovereignty, activating deep remembering, and empowering their authentic expression so that they can live soul-aligned and shine a brighter light for others.

Cacao has been absolutely transformative in her own life, healing emotional wounds and allowing her to expand into her truth. In her ceremonies, you can expect to work with not only the sacred medicine of cacao, but also with crystal energy for deeper levels of energetic support during and beyond the ceremony. Sarah offers cacao ceremonies in-person and virtually.

Sarah is the founder of the online mystical shop, Sarah Belle that features crystals and her handmade jewelry, and Anchor the Light Academy, a transformational group mentorship program for awakening women that combines science, mysticism and earth medicine to impart a deeper understanding of your energy field, reprogram limiting patterns, and empower you to align with your truth and step into your multi-dimensional nature to live from your higher self with more peace, purpose and flow.

Instagram: @sarahbellestyle
Community: Anchor the Light Facebook group
Email: [email protected]
Location: Indiana, USA

Claira has been a mother since the tender age of 16 to her daughter, 5 years later she had her son, forward 20 years and many initiations, Claira works deeply in service to bringing harmony, nourishment and remembrance to women though her devotional work though Womb, Fertility and Rebozo massage therapy, Closing of the Bones ceremonies, Flower Essence therapy as well as tending to women though there pregnancy and birth care during and still continuing her training with doulas and midwives of deep ancestral roots and lineages, from midwives and womb keepers in Guatemala to Mexican Midwives and doulas which is vitally important to her to learn such wisdom from elders and honour their lineages and keep their stories and wisdom alive. She weaves this potent medicine though her Cacao Circles, going deep into the heart and wombs of women, assisting in their remembrance and tenderness to their temple bodys. Claira also collaborates with musicians and song weavers and also brings her own celtic roots through songs and drum such as Gaelic in her ancestral mother tongue. Be inspired, held and grounded, within the ceremony, BE the ceremony every day and also learn the cyclical rhythms of nature though this precious and powerful medicine of the Heart that has assisted her in the many blessings she has in her life and that continue to unfold and hold. Whether you would love to offer a birthday blessing, rite of passage, or closing of the bones ceremony, all is welcome to explore and expand.

With Love
In Joy
So Alegria

Instagram: @in.divine.aura