Join Maestro Puma and I on a remarkable Pilgrimage through the most powerful Sacred Sites, Temples and Portals of the Andes mountains and the Sacred Valley of the Inca in Peru..



MAY 18TH - JUNE 1ST 2024 


This pilgrimage is open to all who are ready to walk a Sacred path of Remembering,
in Ceremony and Celebration!

"This journey, this work, Jemma and her Brothers has changed my life. Jemma has been a dear friend and mentor in my life for the past 4 years and I am so grateful to have her guidance. I have followed Jemma to Peru 3 years in a row now and joined 4 of her Pilgrimages. My life has completely transformed. I now find myself living in the mountains of Peru, feeling strong in who I am and really ready and excited for this new chapter of my life. Jemma, thank you for your patience, your love, wisdom and support. If you're thinking of coming along on this journey, give yourself the gift of a lifetime and just say YES to yourself."

– KRISTEN, PERU PILGRIM 2016, 2017, 2018


This really is the journey of a lifetime. During our pilgrimage through the mountains and sacred sites, we will work with the ancestral Medicine of the Andes.

The Ancestral herbal medicines of the Andes are master teachers that dissolve the veils between the worlds so that we are able to clearly "see" and "feel" a direct experience with our divine origins of source. It takes us home, remembering the truth, power, potential and beauty of who we really are. It is medicine of the heart.

We are gently shown where in our physical, mental or spiritual being we are holding onto anything that may be holding us apart from Joy and Love, which then allows us to liberate whatever we are holding with forgiveness once and for all. It also helps to deepen our existing practices and insights for those already on a spiritual path.

This is a gentle yet deeply profound experience. We are assisted not only by the physical Masters that guide our journey, but by the spiritual Masters, the 'Apus' or Spirits of the Mountains and Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) herself. Working with these ancestral herbal medicines in the traditional way, accompanied by teachings of the Andean path, all whilst in the Ancient Sacred Ceremonial sites is extremely powerful. The re-connection to the Earth, to ourselves and to each other is truly life changing.

We have witnessed miracles so overwhelmingly awesome it gives me goosebumps! No matter where you are at on your path, you will receive very very deeply, to the core of your being, from this experience. 

Our guides are local 'Paqo's' or what we know as Shamans, that come from a long ancestral lineage of Curandero's (Medicine men and women/Healers.) They are of the highest integrity and humility, they exude complete care and love and are at our service for absolutely anything we need and they guide us through the mountains and through our processes. 

We receive teachings from elders and Maestros that are revered and sought out from all around the globe. We get to experience Peru the real way, in all its colour, powerful clear energy and majesty whilst still in complete comfort so we have time to relax, enjoy and integrate our individual processes.

This work is suitable for all ages but due to its deep nature, we are sorry but it is not suitable for children to join. It is however, perfect for those that are wanting and willing to uncover their deep subconscious blocks and improve their lives exponentially. It is as much about joy as it is about healing! After all, when we give to ourselves generously in this way, then the entire world around us receives.  

Please note, there will be climbing and hiking which will require a moderate amount of fitness. We have had people as young as 18 and as mature as 70 join us though so I'm sure you will be fine!

We stay in beautiful accomodation, and eat delicious food. There are experiences of both top-shelf dining as well as feasting on home cooked banquets with locals in their communities. All dietary restrictions can be catered for.

And so – come experience the energy, magic, healing and majesty of the Peruvian Andes. The colourful traditions, Ancient wisdom and Ancestral Medicine that have been kept alive for eons, awaiting our return. 

The time is now to liberate ourselves from any limitations that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential.

It's time to remember our beauty and reconnect to who we truly are.

To remember that the Sun doesn't shine on us, it shines from within us.

Are you ready to be free?

"Don't be fooled by this blonde beauty. She is the real deal. If you are looking for REAL change, I mean REAL change and you are truly willing to surrender to the ancient wisdom of Peru - the Masters, all of it, take Jemma's hand and she will lovingly, unfaltering, full-heartedly show you the way. Pure compassion, no BS, no pretence. She's as authentic as they come and her purpose is to truly serve and help you awaken. She's had to walk the path of courage first, as have all the extraordinary Paco's she brings into the fold. They are all exceptional beings of light, all there in total service. It's the best decision you will ever make if you are truly ready and willing to awaken."

"When I left Australia 11 months ago, I was lost, I was afraid and I didn't know where my place was in the world. I didn't feel I belonged anywhere and I tried to find it in unknown places among strangers. Eventually those strangers became friends, some even like family but there was still this uncomfortable feeling growing inside that told me to move onto the next place.

My journey through Peru was my coming home.. to myself. I had been searching externally for a place where I fit, where I would feel accepted but here in Peru, it finally dawned on me that these feelings had manifested because I didn't accept myself and as hard as it is to admit, I didn't love myself or appreciate ALL the beautiful parts of me, parts I had hidden because I didn't think other people could love them either.

Peru has been a game changer. A group of strangers came together for 3 weeks and never in my life have I felt so supported, so loved, so honoured. These strangers became my family.

Jemma and her Brothers showed up, held space, guided us through our processes, showing us our perfect inner beauty and how to love it. A woman standing in her own power, beauty and grace, supporting me to finally allow myself permission to do the same.

I leave Peru with my heart cracked open and eternally grateful for the gift I was given. One of my Brothers said it perfectly, "A journey that will be with us forever, it is ingrained in our hearts and our souls."
I love you all."

"I've seen some of the most incredible sites, met the most incredible people and experienced the most incredible journey of my life. I've learned so much along the way, about myself, others and my relationship with the world. I hope I can honour the experience by living with joy, love, humility and gratitude."