Enjoy this special Ceremony journey at any time that suits you.

My most precious and powerful experiences in this lifetime have been sharing in Ceremony with People from Ancient lineages and traditional communities from all over the Globe. Learning the ways that have kept them thriving and in balance and harmony with nature, themselves and each other for Eons. 
Masters, Elders and Wisdom keepers from around the world carrying ancient technologies and secrets that hold the key to our harmony and our awakening. 
We are so blessed to have an incredible honour and opportunity to work with one of these amazing beings, Jero Mangku Eka Adi Buddha.
Full Moons have a tendency to bring everything to head. 
This full moon really brings a deep desire for harmony. We have been experiencing some very intense times on many levels personally and collectively of late and I know I have felt myself swing from mania to melt down on a few occasions!
This Moon shines its light on where things have perhaps become a bit out of balance and gives us an opportunity to harmonise. 
It offers us powerful opportunity to work with rituals for cleansing, healing, emptying out and purifying anything that isn’t for our highest good and bringing ourselves back to centre. 
In Bali the traditional people work with an Ancient and powerful Water Purification Ritual on Full and New Moons called Melakat. 
As in many ancient cultures, the Waters are considered Holy and Sacred and on the island of Bali and they are considered to be pure Magic. 
The element of Water is a carrier of vibration. In Bali, Mangku’s or Priests work with specific prayers, programmes and rituals to transform the Water so that it becomes a Holy and Sacred tool that creates a portal  for deep healing, purification and lasting transformation. 
Jero Mangku Adi Buddha is one of humblest, most powerful and purest Masters and Priests I have had the pleasure to work closely with over the past years. 
He is from a long ancestral lineage of Balinese High Priests, and he works in a very Shamanic and Animistic way - that is he knows no separation between his True Self and Nature. 
I have witnessed miracles in the presence of this incredibly humble yet powerful maestro. 
Like any of the Shamanic lineages - we will work closely with the elements, the  cardinal directions, the Ancestors, our Luminous guardians and allies and the 3 worlds and realms of existence. 
Adi will be guiding us through an interactive powerful purification Full Moon Melekat Ritual where he will literally programme the Waters, the Flowers and some other simple ritualistic items you will asked to prepare at home before our Ceremony and take us step by step through this profoundly healing and harmonising journey.
This is a very special opportunity for us to come together in community from all corners of the Globe, unite our hearts in deep prayer and Ceremony, receive an Ancient Ritual for deep healing, liberation and release and Celebrate this Full Moon by bringing ourselves back into our Harmonious Hearts Centre! 
This incredible experience is only $33 or FREE when you become a LIGHT CLUB member as part of our Monthly Ceremony Celebration Rituals.