SEPTEMBER 12TH - 16TH 2024

Beautiful family,  It's time to go Next Level. 

My Reset and Rise Retreats aren’t only an exquisite weaving and collaboration of the best Ceremonies, Rituals, Modalities and Facilitators to support you to embody your HIGHEST POTENTIAL..

They are energetic weavings, each one a unique opportunity to know yourself more, understanding your gifts, get clarity on your life path and purpose, free your self from programmes , limiting patterns, beliefs and conditioning.

We heal ancestral lines, re kindle our relationship with our inner child and awaken into our highest guidance and intuitive wisdom. This is true sovereignty.

AND, we have fun!!! We eat delicious nourishing food, sleep in gorgeous accommodation and Injoy the easy company of fellow high frequency humans!

Our participants leave feeling awakened, empowered and ready to step into theIr GREATNESS!


$1550 USD - 16 places only! 

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Beautiful family, I am so excited to welcome you to join me in beautiful Mama Bali for this exquisite journey together. Please enter your details below to receive your private invitation. That holds all the details of our time together and simple instructions on how to book your place. 

Thank you and Love. Jem xxx 

Integration really means giving ourselves time and space to embody the gifts we have received and allow them to anchor into our being.

The quickest and most delightful way to do this is through rest, relaxation and care for the body, mind and Spirit.

As a part of our preparation and opening of our Sacred Space and time, we will receive traditional Balinese ‘Melukat’ water purification with the powerful and humble elder - Balinese priest Jero Mangku Adi Buddha. This is a deep and profoundly liberating experience to cleanse and purify our hearts, minds and Spirits. It also introduces us to the powerful Ancestors of Bali and calls in their loving stamp and seal of protection and grace for our time together and beyond. We receive the healing energies and remove any blocks to abundance, creativity, vitally, joy that we may be carrying in our lives.

Then we work with the Sacred Fire in a very traditional and extremely potent Balinese Fire Ceremony as a part of our integration. Here we completely transmute and transform everything we have been working with as we make our heart felt offerings to the Sacred Fire. We also receive the vitality and strength we need to walk forward on our path and purpose. To return to our families and communities ready to show up as our highest and best selves.

This magical Ceremony uses no flame to light the fire! 🔥 It is as mystical as it sounds and truly an experience to be had.

The day after our deep dive in Ceremony, we will visit the near by Sacred Hot Springs and Waterfalls to commune in the amniotic fluids of Pachamama and feel ourselves return to the restfulness of her women, ready and excited to be reborn again. 

In the afternoon, we will receive relaxing and restorative massage from our experienced Balinese therapists to bring everything you have received into your beautiful body, and to say thank you and honour our holy bodies for all they do for us. Given in the privacy of your room, you will be cared for with utmost attention to your restoration, relaxation and integration.

Followed by our fire ceremony that evening with Jero Mangku Adi Buddha to anchor in our transformation as we fully step into our GREATNESS!

Everything in this RESET AND RISE encourages and more importantly allows you to slow right down. To sink into the exquisite beauty that surrounds you and allow yourself to be held in the sweet lush arms of our beautiful Mama Bali and all of the sublime magic and healing she has to offer



Jemmita walks a Sacred Shamanic Path as Medicine Woman, Healer and Ceremonialist offering deep transformational work globally.

Initiated by her Maestros in the Andes and adopted into her lineage in 2012, she is deeply honoured to share the profound Medicine and teachings of the Andes Cosmovision, woven in with well over 20 years of wisdom and experience from walking her own Spiritual path of Awakening.

Her path of service through ‘Anchoring the Light’ is to guide and empower others to remember their own true divine nature, power and innate Magic. Weaving Ancient Ritual and Ceremony with Wisdom for the Path to Awakening - offering tools and modalities to heal, empower, liberate and transform.  

Through her online Ceremonial work and trainings such as the Sacred Chocolate Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship, Jemmita is now able to reach many more of our Global Family, building a much needed sense of community and comradery as we move collectively through this profound time of transformation as one family.

In respectfully and generously sharing her wisdom through Ceremony and Mentorship, her wish is to assist others to become creators of their own reality and transform their own lives, in the way it has profoundly transformed her own.

‘I am deeply committed to assisting our Global Family to Remember the Magnificent Truth of Who they Really are and to empower them as Luminous Leaders. To help activate their gifts and embrace their Sacred Path, in Service to the Light and to our Pachamama.

As nothing goes one way - the beauty is that what I give in my service to others I also receive for myself. We are always learning, always giving, always receiving. There is a Sacred flow, a Cosmic Law that when we truly remember - changes everything. This is the power of Ayni. This is Anchoring the Light’


Melakat Water Purification and Yang Agni Fire Ceremony

We are so blessed to be joined by my very dear brother, teacher and friend Jero Mangku Adi Buddha.

Adi comes from a long ancestral lineage of Balinese High Priests and healers. He works powerfully with the forces of nature, the Ancestral Spirits native to Bali and the beautiful deities of the Balinese Hindu tradition in a very Shamanic and Animistic way - that is he knows no separation between his True Self and Nature.

I have witnessed miracles in the presence of this incredibly humble yet powerful maestro.

Jero Mangku will be opening Sacred Space and blessing us with permissions and support from his Ancestors in Bali to do our deep healing work. He will be guiding us through both Water and Fire initiations and purifications, that are as beautiful as they are powerful. It is truly an honour and great joy to have the blessing of Adi’s presence with us on our Reset and Rise Retreat.


Transformative Breathwork & Sound Journey

Catalina is Colombian by birth & has lived in Barcelona for many years and now Bali with her family. She is a psychologist focused on personal self-discovery and the search of BEING.

Motivated by her own call to evolve, she has had a 21 year journey through various formations, such as art therapy, gestalt, PNL, kundalini yoga, Registros Akashicos & sound healing. She specialises in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques such as rebirthing and meditation.


Yoga & Movement Meditation

As an international yoga teacher with over a decade of experience in the field, she has trained in Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and Classical Hatha Yoga. Years of movement exploration and study include Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Functional Movement, Dance, Pilates, Intense Athletics, Marathon training, and physical rehabilitation. 

With a BA in Philosophy and Religion, her areas of philosophical and spiritual study (both as an academic pursuit as well as personal exploration) include the practices and wisdom from Kashmir Shaivism, European Paganism, Andean Knowledge, Indigenous Wisdom, Jungian Psychology, Esoteric Mysticism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Phenomenology, amongst others.

Healing Arts include certificates in Thai Massage, Reiki, Somatic Releasing, Energy Work, Active Release, and years of receiving Depth Therapy which is a cross between Jungian Psychotherapy and Shamanic practices as well as deep work with an Advanced Rolfer to uncover the wisdom living in the body, apprenticeship with different teachers and healers, and the necessary work of self healing.