Advanced in Person Medicine Woman Shamanic Training.

Heal to become the Healer

For past students of Wilka Suyu, Sacred Chocolate or
Luminous Leaders Alumni 
 To step into your full power and purpose as a Healer,
first we need to open ourselves to receive the Healing. 


Mama Bali is an island of pure Magic and is home to powerful Healers. Lineages of Priests and Priestesses carry very specific Medicine that when activated within us - can take us to the next level of our personal path and service. 

I have received so much from walking my Spiritual path and being in Ceremony in the powerful Ancient temples and Sacred sites of Bali and from the land herself. It is a very specific high frequency energy that is raw and animistic, yet exquisitely steeped in incredible beauty and powerfully precise ritual. 

Women have a unique and natural gift - we create Beauty. 

Often I have had participants and clients share with me that the frequencies they feel from the moment they walk into Ceremonial space with me, immediately facilitates their healing journey. A part of trauma informed facilitation is Mastering of the Art of creating Beauty and Impeccable Ceremonial and Healing Sacred Spaces. 

Bali is the perfect place for us to dive deep into our work as Hampiq Ñusta’s and it gives me great pleasure to invite you to an intimate retreat and training experience with myself and my team of Masters, where we will deepen the skills we have been learning in our Hampiq Ñust’a programme as well as work as a collective coven of Priestesses with specific intentions, in various temples on the islands to activate our own energy for us to step onto our highest path of service. Culminating in an initiation Ceremony and Ritual to receive the Power, Energy and Blessings of the Ancestors of Mama Bali to take forward and amplify our work in the world. 

To support us to take the next step on our path as Medicine Women WE HEAL TO BECOME THE HEALER though work with the Sacred Ancestral Spirit along side powerfully transformative Breath Work, Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Voice Activation, Trauma informed facilitation as well as receiving practical intuition and experience with our healings tools and the ART OF CREATING BEAUTY in our rituals and Ceremonial spaces. 


We have a maximum capacity for 17 Healer Priestesses, so please reserve your place soon to avoid missing out.



✨ Communing with our Sacred Plants in Ritual and Ceremony
✨ Working with Wilka Sayri - Sacred Tobacco and the Spirit of Mapacho for cleansing, blessing and healing

✨ Creating and facilitating trauma informed spaces

✨ Energy healing techniques such as - healing with ‘Chumpi stones’, working with feathers
✨ Making powerful offerings
✨ Learn to ‘walk between worlds’ with Channeling and developing intuition / clairvoyance
✨ Deepening work with our Sacred Mesa - The Andean medicine bundle to facilitate soul retrieval and healing

✨ Initiations into Magic of Balinese Animism, including pilgrimages to the main energetic power points & Temples of Bali

✨ Learn Powerful Balinese Ancestral energy healing techniques with Jero Mangu Adi Buddha
✨ Sacred Journey to the powerful island of Nusa Penida - where healers arrive to be initiated and have their healings powers activated

As much as this is a full power training into your next level - it is also a retreat designed for deep nourishment, rest and reset..


✨ Be healed and held in Hot Springs and Waterfalls
✨ Receive deeply nurturing Balinese massage
✨ Be nourished by delectable home grown organic food
✨ Move your energy and strengthen your body with amazing Yoga
✨ Celebrate with Mama Cacao & Shake your booty with Bali’s most rocking DJ!
✨ Release with Breath work and heal with Sound.

It is ALL here for you!
You only need to say YES!



2pm Arrival
3pm Welcome and Opening Ceremony with Maestra Cacao - Deepen into the Directions
4pm Melukat Water Purification Ceremony with Jero Mangku Adi Buddha
7pm Dinner


7am Juice, Fruit, Coffee/ tea
8am Pachamama Hayawikry with Maestro Puma (Live on line session)
10 am Breakfast

11.30am Creating Impeccable Ceremonial Space
      - The Beauty Way
      - Trauma informed Space
      - Setting you Altar
2pm Lunch
3.30pm Trauma informed facilitation with Alana Warlop and Jemmita
      - What are the major types of Trauma
      - How to recognise them
      - How to deal with them
6.30pm Dinner


8am Breathe, Meditate, Move! Yoga with Krista
9.15am Breakfast
10.30am Meet the Sacred Medicines

Deeper dive into the Ancestral Medicines with a focus on Wilka Sayri (Mapacho). History, how they work to Heal and Manifest. We will learn deeper techniques of working with the Sacred Mapacho and have an opportunity to deepen our communion and practice on Day 5.

This is also preparation for our day of Ceremony 

1pm Lunch
2.30pm Introduction to Working with feathers and Soul Retrieval (we will practice more on day 5)
4.30 pm Balinese Ancestral Healing technique with Jero Mangku Adi Buddha
7pm Dinner


8am Breathe, Meditate, Move! Yoga with Krista
9.15am Breakfast
10.30am Chumpi stone healing technique
2pm Lunch
3.30pm Breathwork and Sound journey with the phenonenal Catalina and Mau from IN BREATH
7 pm Dinner


Today will be an opportunity to commune with our Sacred Grandfather Spirit. It will be a light Medicine day with a focus on a deeper connection to our Mesa and working with the Spirit of Mapacho. We will receive teachings and also have time to deepen into our own process and journey.

There will be an opportunity for those that are experienced to go deeper if they wish to do so.

8am Breakfast
9.30am Ceremony
3pm Refreshments
6.30pm Dinner


8am Breakfast
9.30am Shamanic Cacao Ceremony and the Ceremony of Sound & Ecstatic Dance w DJ Maestra Sophie Sôfrēē
1pm Lunch
2pm Hot Springs
4.30pm Balinese Healing Massage in your room
7pm Dinner


7am Breakfast
8am Depart (lunch boxes and snacks)

Today we begin our journey into the Ancient temples, Sacred Sites and Animistic Magic of the Balinese traditions.

Our journey begins in the powerful temple of the South - Pura Andakasa. The Temple of Creation.

Dinner - Candi Dasa

From here we travel to The Apu of Bali’s East and the temple of the rising Sun - GUNUNG LEMPUYANG. This is a very powerful temple and the energies are particularly potent at night. We will make our way to the top of the mountain slowly, making offerings at the temples of the 3 worlds along the way. At the top we have our final ceremony and then make our descent and return to Batu Karu for a wonderful night's rest.


8.30am Breakfast
10am Depart (lunch boxes and snacks)

A very special day today as we visit the temple at the centre of centres - the Volcano and Chief Apu of Bali GUNUNG AGUNG

Dinner - Batu Karu


8am Breakfast
9am Depart (lunch boxes and snacks)

This morning we head North to an Ancient temple on the shores of the lake at GUNUNG BATUR - Danu Batur temple

Following this we will complete the cycle and seal the directions, receiving the stamp of ‘initiation’ from the Ancestors Bali. We finish in the West at Pura Batu Karu - the temple of the Ancestors.

6pm Return to Batu Karu for dinner
7.30 pm Traditional and very powerful ritual - the Balinese Fire Ceremony to seal this chapter of our journey together and receive new Light and strength for the opening of the New cycle and our journey of blessing to come.

DAY 10

7am Leave Batu Karu with breakfast boxes & coffee to go!
10am Board the boat to Nusa Penida
12pm We will make our way directly to one of the most exquisite and powerful temples on Bali, if not the planet! A steep (but safe) climb down the cliff takes us to the Temple of the Goddess & Ñust’a of the Southern Oceans - Bunda Ratu. Here the raw and rugged wildness of the Ocean meets the crystalline Waters of the Sacred spring. The two are merged by a Waterfall. Here we receive New Life.

Check in to Hotel/ Late Lunch  / Early dinner

Evening - Dalem Ped. This is the Sacred Temple of the God/Goddess Jero Gede - The Deity for the healer. Students and masters of the Ancient Balinese healing arts known as the ‘Balian’ pilgrim to this very powerful and sacred site to receive ‘Pasupati’ or a transmission of Divine Power, to activate their healing capabilities and bless their path.


8 am Breakfast

Pura Puncak Mundi - Today we visit the Temple of Vishnu perched on the highest Mountain in Nusa Penida. Here is the home to the Monkey Gods (you will soon see why!) and this very ancient and powerful vortex is home to a miraculous tree that sprouts Holy Water from within its trunk.

Late lunch / Early Dinner

Pura Goa Giri Putri - Prepare to be reborn! Goa Giri Putri could easily be from the set of a Hollywood movie about middle earth! This spectacular cave is home to no less than 6 temples. No words can describe the power and awe felt in this Holy place which until recently was in complete darkness. We will access portals in this cave only reserved for Balinese devotees, not usually open for tourists. Here our spatial journey comes full circle. We return and we return.


7.30 am Breakfast and pack up
9.30 am Closing circle and final Priestess Initiation Ceremony with Jero Mangu Adi Buddha

12 pm Depart for Boat Harbour
1pm Boat back to Sanur

 *Please note that some times and activities are subject to change when we're in the flow of Ceremony! 


20th - 31st March 2024 (11 nights, 12 days)


$3999 USD - single bed twin share
$4222 USD - king bed twin share
$4555 USD - private room (one available)  


All meals, accommodation, entry tickets, transportation through out our journey.


- The transfer costs from Airport or Hotel to our first destination however we will help you to arrange transport with one of our drivers.

- Flights, insurance (please have your own travel insurance)


We will be spending a lot of time in Ceremony in the most powerful and activating Temples in Bali with our Balinese Priest Jero Mangu Adi Buddha. Some of the temples are set in wild nature and require some climbing , some are inside of caves or down cliffs. All are completely safe but we want you to be aware so there are no surprises! Also, our temple days can mean quite long road trips where we will be out all day. We will make sure you have good food and snacks provided but please remember, to receive the most authentic experience, we need to be open to local ways that might not be as comfortable as western standards. We have a short 40 min boat ride to the island of Nusa Penida, please take this into account if you suffer sea sickness. It is a smooth ride and generally calm seas however it is on a large speed boat.. If you are ready to receive incredible downloads, upgrades in your energy field and Light body then this is for you! 

We will also be sending you a questionnaire to make sure you are ready to receive the Ceremony with our Ancestral Medicine. More detailed information and preparation of this will be sent to you on request and after you have booked and paid your deposit.




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Jemmita walks a Sacred Shamanic Path as Medicine Woman, Healer and Ceremonialist offering deep transformational work globally.

Initiated into the Sacred Ancestral Medicines by her Maestros in the Andes and adopted into their lineage in 2012, she is deeply honoured to share the profound Medicine and teachings of the Andes Cosmovision, woven in with well over 20 years of wisdom and experience from walking her own Spiritual path of Awakening.

Her path of service through ‘Anchoring the Light’ is to guide and empower others to remember their own true divine nature, power and innate Magic. Weaving Ancient Ritual and Ceremony with Wisdom for the Path to Awakening - offering tools and modalities to heal, empower, liberate and transform.  

Through her online Ceremonial work and trainings such as the 3 month Wilka Suyu Shamanic Cacao Ceremonialist Apprenticeship and the 12 month Hampiq Ñust’a apprenticeship - the Path of the Modern Medicine Woman, taught alongside her Andean Maestro Puma Fredi Quispe Singona, Jemmita is now able to reach many more of our Global Family, building a much needed sense of community and camaraderie as we move collectively through this profound time of transformation as one family.

Her in person programmes, including yearly Pilgrimages to the Andes Peru, and the Global Reset and Rise Retreats and Ceremonies are designed to take you deep into Remembering your Divinity.

In respectfully and generously sharing her wisdom through Ceremony and Mentorship, her wish is to assist others to become creators of their own reality and transform their own lives, in the way it has profoundly transformed her own.

‘I am deeply committed to assisting our Global Family to Remember the Magnificent Truth of Who they Really are and to empower them as Luminous Leaders. To help activate their gifts and embrace their Sacred Path, in Service to the Light and to our Pachamama.

As nothing goes one way - the beauty is that what I give in my service to others I also receive for myself. We are always learning, always giving, always receiving. There is a Sacred flow, a Cosmic Law that when we truly remember - changes everything. This is the power of Ayni. This is Anchoring the Light’


We are so blessed to be joined by my very dear brother, teacher and friend Jero Mangku Adi Buddha.

Adi comes from a long ancestral lineage of Balinese High Priests and healers. He works powerfully with the forces of nature, the Ancestral Spirits native to Bali and the beautiful deities of the Balinese Hindu tradition in a very Shamanic and Animistic way - that is he knows no separation between his True Self and Nature.

I have witnessed miracles in the presence of this incredibly humble yet powerful maestro.

Jero Mangku will be opening Sacred Space and blessing us with permissions and support from his Ancestors in Bali to do our deep healing work. He will be guiding us through both Water and Fire initiations and purifications, that are as beautiful as they are powerful. It is truly an honour and great joy to have the blessing of Adi’s presence with us on our Hampiq Ñust'a Deepening Module.



Catalina, Colombian by birth and having lived in Barcelona for more than 17 years, currently lives in Bali with her two daughters and her partner. She is a psychologist focused on personal self-discovery and the search of BEING.

Motivated by her own call to evolve and understand what existence is, she has had a 25 year journey through various formations that have been changing and complementing her path, such as art therapy, gestalt, PNL, kundalini Yoga, Registros Akashicos, sound healing. ... specialized in altered states of consciousness through breathing techniques such as Rebirthing and meditation.

The quality of her work is based on her own experience, since she shares what for herself has been a channel of transformation. She does it from a loving place, where the other can feel free to be who she or he is and where there is no room for judgment or criticism, since she understands that the nature of the human being is Peace and goodness.

Along with her partner Mau, they design a sound journey that helps connect to a vibratory field of blessing and fulfilment gently evokes through sounds, voice and instruments memories of the soul of being in peace and harmony.

Mau is a musician, Healing Dance aquatic bodywork practitioner, and soul surfer. Focused in subtle listening and calm supportive presence, in merging with the water where receivers can relax, release, integrate emotional processes and restore memories. He feels giving a session is like surfing a smooth wave, like playing a liminal dreamy musical composition, like evoking and sharing inner peace between us...




Alana Warlop is a galactic nomad and traveling medicine woman who facilitates healing through her work as a spiritual psychotherapist, trauma specialist, and modern-day mystic. Her passion is to teach the art of embodiment and devotion to Self and Spirit through powerful healing practices.



Sophie Sôfree has always had a strong calling to study various spiritual paths and indigenous tribal cultures, and for the past decade, her path has been dedicated to learning yoga, the healing power of music and mantra, dance, and the healing tools of the Earth and the plants.

At home in Ubud, Bali, you can find her DJ'ing for ecstatic dance floors, teaching Kundalini Yoga and Mandala meditation classes, or designing retreats in wisdom cultures such as Bhutan, Peru & Bali. Her greatest joy is empowering others to tap into their creativity and reverence for life itself.

Sophie's allegiance to the Earth can be felt through her DJ sets, classes, illustrations and passion to support indigenous cultures. Through this bridging of traditions, she hopes that the paradigm can be shifted towards a thriving future for all.



From a young age she has always been thirsty for truth and knowledge; full of curiosity, a deep thinker and an ardent seeker. Drawn to the mysteries hidden under the surface, both as a refuge from trauma, challenge, and difficulty, as well as hearing the call to explore the secrets and paradoxes… those deep questions that have filled humans with curiosity since the dawn of time. For Krista, the practice of Yoga has been a sanctuary, a place to heal and remember wholeness. The practice has been a temple, a sacred space to pray, to connect, to awaken. And the practice has also been a wild landscape of untold wonder, a place to explore, ignite, and dance in the darkness of the unknown. 

As an international yoga teacher with over a decade of experience in the field, she has trained in Anusara Yoga, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, and Classical Hatha Yoga. Years of movement exploration and study include Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Functional Movement, Dance, Pilates, Intense Athletics, Marathon training, and physical rehabilitation. 

With a BA in Philosophy and Religion, her areas of philosophical and spiritual study (both as an academic pursuit as well as personal exploration) include the practices and wisdom from Kashmir Shaivism, European Paganism, Andean Knowledge, Indigenous Wisdom, Jungian Psychology, Esoteric Mysticism, Vajrayana Buddhism, and Phenomenology, amongst others.

Healing Arts include certificates in Thai Massage, Reiki, Somatic Releasing, Energy Work, Active Release, and years of receiving Depth Therapy which is a cross between Jungian Psychotherapy and Shamanic practices as well as deep work with an Advanced Rolfer to uncover the wisdom living in the body, apprenticeship with different teachers and healers, and the necessary work of self healing. 

All of this study and personal inner work has created a holistic approach to transformation, personal development, and connection. Whether through the exploration of wisdom, the healing of the heart, or tapping into the power of the body she offers the invitation to step into the wilderness of healing and awakening yourself to discover the beauty and transformative power of becoming what you truly are.