Dear family, you are invited to become a carrier of the Sacred Mesa.

Learn the Secrets, the Sacred Ceremony and Rituals of the Ancient Altar that originates from the high Andean Mountains of Peru.

There are many different lineages and ways of working with this Sacred tradition.

The Altar is central to everything. It is the heartbeat of all life.

No matter what lineage or tradition you come from or receive - all altars are ultimately only one. They are the Altar of Pachamama or Mother Earth.

Learning to work the energies of the Mesa is learning to work with the energies of life itself.

This is an Ancient technology, a Science of Nature and the Cosmos, that our Andean ancestors knew, understood and interpreted into a physical practice.

Discover how your Mesa is a direct reflection of your life.

By building a relationship with the powerful allies that are always present and ready to assist you, you will discover how walk through your life with more abundant vitality, joy, wisdom and strength. 

Understanding how energy moves through your Mesa, you begin to understand how energy moves through you and your life.

How it moves through your relationships, your plans and projects, your spiritual path - even your health and well being.

The Mesa is a powerful tool that offers us a simple yet profoundly powerful way to change outcomes, balance and harmonise energies, heal and manifest.

Discover the power of ancient lineage and be open to receiving what’s really here for you.

The Love, the Light, the Support, the Blessings!

All you could possibly wish for, and more.

This is an intimate group experience where you will dive deep into the teachings and learn how to apply them to your life, your work and your relationships to call in abundance, harmony, resilience and clarity.

This wisdom and the rituals and practices that you will gain will enhance and support ALL areas of your life.

This work is rich and potent for personal transformation, and it is also incredibly powerful for coaches, mentors, teachers or leaders in that it will teach your how to build and cultivate energetic resilience.

You will understand how to feel solid, centred, powerful and full of vitality, no matter what energies you are working with- in intimate settings or in large group facilitation.

Over these six weeks you will access powerful technologies, Ancestral codes and lineage, Cosmic wisdom and YOUR Ancient skills of alchemy and magic.

Are you ready? 


This is a powerful and focused MENTORSHIP Group and MENTORSHIP Container. The journey will take you through your inner and outer world, and allow you to bring more abundance, joy and harmony into ALL aspects of yourself and your life.

Thesis very much a PERSONAL COACHING program, an intimate group experience with direct access to myself and our TEAM LIGHT to support and guide you every step of the way. 


"A deep remembering"

When I started this training I was a lost Lightworker. I felt like a tiny little boat on a stormy sea with huge waves, wind and rain at night. I was so scared and lost, I knew what I needed to do but simply couldn’t achieve it. Through this training and embodying the practices even bad news was received with a mind that felt like a calm and reflective lake. This training has reminded me that I AM the SEED of LIGHT and gave me the practices to grow the roots of this seed deep down into Pachamama and the leaves high up into the Universe receiving nourishment from the Creator. Deep deep gratitude and love to Jem and Team Light for finding me and Anchoring my Light so that I may help myself, my family, my community and the world.

~ Danica


The Art of the Altar : Sacred Mesa Level 1 Initiation consists of 6 Live Masterclasses with Jemmita. 


The live masterclass sessions will be held at the below times:

The first welcome session will be on Monday February 13th at 6pm Sydney time 
Then calls will be weekly on Wednesday's - Feb 22nd, March 1st, March 8th, March 15th, and March 22nd at 7pm Sydney time

INVESTMENT: $1,333 USD (payment plan available)


 - 6 x Live interactive Ceremonies and Masterclasses in an intimate group container
 - Access to personal Luminous Library with powerful recorded teachings you'll have for life
 - Access to a private study group to receive support, share wisdom and deepen your practices.
-  BE THE CRYSTAL month long self paced training learning to work with Shamanic energy VALUED AT $333 US!



- The Mesa Level 1 Initiation is perfect for people at any stage on their Sacred and spiritual path. It is open to those who are new to these teachings and it is equally as potent for those who have been walking a spiritual path for many, many years like myself.

- It is for those wanting to work deeply with the elements of nature to move energy and to harmonise all aspects of your life

- It is for those seeking to strengthen your energy field and your resilience in these potent times of transformation.

- It is for those who feel called to understand the wisdom of ancient technologies and how you can use these to profoundly benefit your daily life.

- It is equally as potent for those who have already done work with me or in other lineages if you are looking to deepen your connection with the Sacred Mesa in a focused and guided way.

 - This work is rich and potent for personal transformation, and it is also incredibly powerful for coaches, mentors, teachers or leaders in that it will teach you how to build and cultivate energetic resilience.


Upon registering we will be in touch with and the information and details for the live classes and 6 week course programme.

If you have any questions at all, please email us at [email protected] 



Join and pay in full before FRDAY FEBRUARY 10TH and save $222 USD. Join the full course for only $1,111 USD!

Use the code MESA1111 at the checkout for your gift to be applied. 

The Sacred Mesa Level 1 Full Payment

$1,333.00 USD
The Sacred Mesa Level 1 Payment Plan

3 monthly payments of $455.00 USD

By completing The Sacred Mesa Level 1, this will also enable you join the Sacred Mesa Level 2 programme (The Deepening) in July 2023.

This advanced option will only be for those who have completed Level 1 or the Sacred Chocolate Apprenticeship. Find out more about the Mesa Level 2 here.

If you already know you would like to join Level 2, there is a special payment option available when you sign up now for both.

Join Mesa Level 1 and Level 2 now and save $334 USD!

Please see payment options below. 

Mesa Level 1 and 2 Paid in Full

$3,221.00 USD
Mesa Level 1 and 2 Payment Plan x 10

10 monthly payments of $321.10 USD



Jemmita walks a Sacred Shamanic Path as Medicine Woman, Healer and Ceremonialist offering deep transformational work globally.

Initiated by her Maestros in the Andes and adopted into her lineage in 2012, she is deeply honoured to share the profound Medicine and teachings of the Andes Cosmovision, woven in with well over 20 years of wisdom and experience from walking her own Spiritual path of Awakening.

Her path of service through ‘Anchoring the Light’ is to guide and empower others to remember their own true divine nature, power and innate Magic. Weaving Ancient Ritual and Ceremony with Wisdom for the Path to Awakening - offering tools and modalities to heal, empower, liberate and transform.  

Through her online Ceremonial work, Jemmita is now able to reach many more of our Global Family, building a much needed sense of community and comradery as we move collectively through this profound time of transformation as one family.

In respectfully and generously sharing her wisdom through Ceremony and Mentorship, her wish is to assist others to become creators of their own reality and transform their own lives, in the way it has profoundly transformed her own.


Do I have to have worked with Jemma before to do this course?
No! Not at all, anyone is welcome to join this Level 1 course.

I've done the Sacred Chocolate Apprenticeship, is it worth me doing this course also?
In all honesty, not so much. We will cover a lot of the same material in the Level 1 program that we did in the apprenticeship. The best thing for you would be to join me on the Sacred Mesa Level 2 which you can explore more here. This is perfect for anyone who has already worked with me before. 

I've been to the Reset Retreat and/or a Peru Pilgrimage, would this course still be suitable for me?
Absolutely! Anyone who has done any retreats or pilgrimages would be perfectly suited to this Level One course.

I am a facilitator, would this support my work? 
Yes! The Sacred Mesa is one of the MAIN things that allows me to hold safe, supportive and transformational healing spaces for people. It is also what enables me to really practice resilient leadership and know that I am supported every step I take. I highly recommend this work for other leaders and facilitators- it will really transform the way you hold space and the way you show up in your own energy. 

"Life Changing"

Over many years I have always searched for more meaning to life. What is it we are truly here for? A question that sent me to deep dark places. As a trainer myself, participating in and holding many training sessions online and in person, I have and will NEVER be the same. My heart is BURSTING. The course content, the delivery, the support and the respect given to the Ancient and Sacred Wisdom shared in this space is LIFE CHANGING. I have a new Love & Respect for Myself, my Family, my Friends and Humanity. I FINALLY have meaning to LIFE.

~ Angela