We are Seeds of Love, that have come here to Anchor the Light.


Anchoring the light is a process of awakening to our fullest potential and remembering the truth our divine Nature. Its the notion that we (humans) are powerful crystalline beings, conduits of light between Heaven and Earth. We receive codes of light through the Sun and Celestial beings from the Upper worlds and through our crystalline structure, we anchor it to the Earth. 

When we are relaxed and in alignment with our Soul path there is no resistance to this flow of Light. It is then we feel full aligned to our higher purpose, connected, joyful, vibrant, energised and free. When we have resistance in our being through harbouring resentments, rigid thinking, limiting self beliefs, perfectionism, and not loving ourselves unconditionally, we block the flow of Light and experience feelings of what we call 'negative' emotion.

Anchoring the Light uses different modalities - particularly drawing on the Ancient Shamanic Wisdom from the Andean Quecha people of Peru -  to release limitations and remove blocks from all aspects of our being helping us to more fully feel, remember and embrace the truth of this light that we are. 

When we realise this, on a deep cellular level,  we become unstoppable and are able to reach our fullest potential of who we came here to be - and live a rich, joyful and fulfilling abundant life that is our birthright.

​We have come here to experience everything. To be the best 'seeds' that we can possibly be so that at the end of our lives when we are 'planted' in the Earth - thousands more like us can come. 

​"Don't be fooled by this blonde beauty. She is the real deal. If you are looking for REAL change, I mean REAL change and you are truly willing to surrender to the ancient wisdom of Peru - the Masters, all of it, take Jemma's hand and she will lovingly, unfaltering, full-heartedly show you the way. Pure compassion, no BS, no pretense. She's as authentic as they come and her purpose is to truly serve and help you awaken. She's had to walk the path of courage first, as have all the extraordinary Paco's she brings into the fold.

They are all exceptional beings of light, all there in total service. It's the best decision you will ever make if you are truly ready and willing to awaken."

Lisa - Peru Pilgrim October 2018


I was born as Jemma, I love Jem and you'll see me as Jemmita because I spend half my year in the Andes in Peru and this is what my Peruvian family call me. I love it because its an affectionate name they have for me and means something like 'sweet Jemma'. And so, it has happily stuck! 
For some years now I have been working with the wisdom of Andean Shamanic Path, the Cosmology of the Inca (and pre Inca - lets not forget about those amazing beings!) of Peru. I have gathered extensive experience working with, facilitating and practising ritual and Ceremony both here in Australia and across the world, and I've created a life for myself where I spend many months of the year gypsying the globe between Peru, where I co- facilitate guided groups with my Andean teachers and brothers on Sacred Walks throughout the Andes Mountains, my beloved homeland Australia, Bali, the Uk and Europe. Wherever I am called really!

I feel that Ceremony is a Celebration of Life.  That our connection to the Earth, each other and especially to ourselves is missing in our busy modern lives. Through cultivating a reverent and grateful connection to the Universal Beings and Pacha Mama that support us through Ceremony, we in turn become more in alignment with our true nature which is Infinite LOVE, JOY and FREEDOM. 
This giving and receiving, what we call 'Ayni' in the Andes is our guiding principal, and brings us to remembering that we are Powerful Beings of Light, Masterful Co Creators. And that when we liberate ourselves from anything that holds us back, we remember that we are Limitless!
This is something many of us have forgotten and so gathering together in Community, Ceremony and Celebration (as our Ancestors did and many First Nations people still do) helps us to 'Wake up' and remember the Truth of who we really are.

Then, we are unstoppable!

In the Andes, there is a Prophecy. It says that one day the the Inka will return. People from around the globe will arrive at the portals of light and activate the New World. We are here now. The Children of the Sun have returned. Join me on  a journey to Sacred activation sites, where you will be lovingly supported to awaken and remember the magnificence of who you really are. Seeds of Love that have come to Anchor the Light.

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